Just to let you know….

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good day, wherever you are in the world, and are counting down the days ’til Düsseldorf (which are rapidly becoming fewer and fewer).

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate every visit you make here, and I’m really pleased with the direction EBJ is going. It took a long time to get this blog off the ground, and I love seeing the consistency of the view stats every time I log in – though I’d still be posting if no-one was reading!

Anyway, my point is, you may not be seeing any new posts from me for a few weeks, which breaks my heart a bit as there’s so much I want to say! But I’m in my third year of university and things are absolutely HECTIC right now. I’m currently working on 5 assignments, all of which are due over the next week or so, and I’m freaking out a bit without a moment to spare. So please bear with me, because trust me, I’d rather be here writing Eurovision than writing essays!

My mid-semester break is coming up from Easter, so I’ll be back in full force then with all my major assignments submitted, and I’ve got some fun things planned that I hope you’ll all like. Expect some more top tens (including my Top 10 Songs That Should Have Entered Junior Eurovision, aaaaaaaaaaand Top Ten Songs That Should NEVER Have Come Last) as well as a Eurovision Fan Haul. I’m really excited to do the latter as my collection has expanded quite considerably since I posted it last. It’ll be mainly for you to see if you’re missing anything, find out where I sourced my stuff from, and for you to let me know if there’s anything worthwhile that every ESC fan should own that I don’t! Of course, closer to May 10th you’ll also be able to see my semi final and final predictions for 2011…

So please don’t give up on me! Come back to EBJ whenever, cause you are always welcome. I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve got planned, and that Eurovision arrives in good time on your watch.

Finally, as this was a half-hearted post, I thought I’d leave you with a random slice of retro ESC goodness. I spent perhaps a little more time on Youtube last night than I should have, reliving some of my favourite moments from the contest, and then some with which I wasn’t as familiar. Here’s one of my all-time favourites, from way back in 1989 (two years before I was born!), in celebration of Austria returning this year. I think this is the country at their best, and 80s hair at its most spectacular!

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