Big love for the Big 5

It’s often debated whether automatic entry into the Eurovision final is an advantage or disadvantage. Less than impressive results from the Big 4 (and occasionally the previous contest winner) in recent years would suggest the latter…but then again, we’re going to Düsseldorf in a little over a month for a reason!

Personally, I have generally found the standard of the Big 4-and-5 entries to be pretty low in comparison to the semi final qualifiers, especially those like Ukraine and Azerbaijan who always impress me. But this year, I have to say I’m impressed. Though I hold a few of 2011’s finalists in higher regard than others, all of them have grown on me – especially Germany and Italy, whose songs I hated at first. My preferences  would be: 1. UK, 2. Italy, 3. France, 4. Germany, and 5. Spain, which differs quite a bit from last year (though obviously, Italy was out and Norway was in back then). Mainly because the UK were at the very bottom of the pile…for everyone.

Anyway, my point in posting this is to figure out what you fans think of the Big 5 this year. I have a sneaking suspicion of who will come out on top, but please humour me and vote anyway!

I’m looking forward to the results =)

PS – 37 days and counting!

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