The Albania of my existence

We haven’t even gotten to Frantic February yet, but it seems that the gaps between countries choosing their entries for 2011 are getting smaller and smaller! Okay, so there’s only been the gap between Switzerland and Albania to endure, but you have to admit the last fortnight since Anna Rossinelli won the Swiss final went fast.

I’ve already expressed my confusion over why Albania must have their selection on Christmas Day. I mean, for the finalists, they have the chance of going to represent their country at Eurovision, which is obviously a boon – but they miss out on the turkey and pudding! Maybe I’ll have an extra helping on their behalf 😉

Two semi finals over as many days will lead to the 18-strong final tomorrow, one of which has already seen 9 artists including one newcomer, advance. I don’t think many of us outside of Albania will recognize any names from this semi, but performing the song ‘Pranë’ in the second semi is none other than Kejsi Tola, the teenager who took to the Moscow stage in 2009 in a tutu, with a couple of street mimes and Gumby in tow (whatever happened to that wonderful bluish man anyway?). I haven’t heard her song yet, but nor have I heard Eric Saade’s entry into Melodifestivalen next year, and that hasn’t stopped me from wanting him to get to the final!

"Is that a sparkly blue man behind you, or are you just pleased to see me?"

In addition, Adrian Hila and Pandi Laço, the duo who brought us Olta Boka’s entry in 2008, are back with another song I haven’t heard, to be sung by Enkeleda Arifi, a singer whom I don’t know (rely on this author for well-informed postings!). It’ll be interesting to see how Kejsi, and Panda – as I will now refer to Adrian and Pandi – do. Will they both get through to the decider? Will we see Kejsi have shot number two at ESC, and if so, will she bring the blue man with her? (I know I have an unhealthy obsession with him, FYI). Even if she doesn’t, I trust Albania to choose a decent and unique song, something they’ve managed to do often since their 2004 debut, which in my opinion was one of their best selections.

In the meantime, ladies and gents, enjoy your Christmas, however you choose to celebrate it. Let me know if you celebrate it by watching the Albanian final, won’t you? Because then you may be the person who celebrates NYE by watching the Romanian final, and therefore I admire you! Yes, there’s an even smaller gap between songs this time. Next weekend Romania picks their representative for Düsseldorf in what I must say is a final bulging with muscles – aka a very strong one. I’m hoping for Mihai Alexandru, Adi Cristescu, Rallsa, Claudia Pavel, Leticia or the Blaxy Girls, but only one will be having a particularly fabulous start to 2011. I hope you guys do too! See you soon. 


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