VIVA ITALIA! The country Eurovision has been waiting for returns

Logging into Facebook this morning, I didn’t expect anything too exciting to appear in my news feed, as I log into Facebook about 200 times a day and, whilst I love it, let’s face it – hearing about your friend’s new “freakin’ hot” boyfriend or how much John Smith “totes wants to get crunk n drunk this weekend WOOOOO!!!” is not that fascinating.

But lo and behold, today, on this average Friday, the first thing I saw pop up was this:

‘Tonight, we will make an announcement that every Eurovision Song Contest fan will remember for the rest of his or her life…’

As one of those ESC fans (um…obsessors) I was simultaneously frightened and freaking out over this. What if it was being cancelled? No way! What if they were going to give all of us free tickets, flights and accommodation to Düsseldorf? (which would have been more of a possibility had Eurovision had 10 fans, instead of millions). As if. Or could it be that Italy, the country who left the contest thirteen years ago citing unfairness etc, was actually going to come back into the fold? Yeah, like that would EVER happen. Maybe when Qatar gets the 2022 World Cup! Pfft.

To cut a long story short, OMG ITALY IS COMING BACK! Yes, ladies and gents, unbelievably this DID happen and I am off my rocker with jubilation. After the sad news yesterday that Slovakia will be AWOL in 2011, we Eurovisionaries needed a pick-me-up, and what a pick-me-up this is! Ever since Jalisse and Fiumi di Parole became the last Italian entry in the contest back in 1997 I have waited for them to return (not Jalisse…Italy…or maybe Jalisse?). I cannot wait to see what they bring to the table and how their song is received by voters next May. According to several (slightly dodgy) sources Italy plan to send the winner of their X Factor competition to Düsseldorf, but whether that is to be remains to be seen. I will be thrilled to see the country who brought us Gigliola Cinquetti and Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu (Volare) take to the stage no matter what, though, and I’m sure all of you will be too =)

In honour of this exciting news, I’ll leave you with the aforementioned ’97 effort from Italy, one of favourite Eurovision songs. It is musical magic. But before I go, I want to mention that, as 2010 draws to a close and the new year begins, I’ll be here, blogging away and appreciating everyone who reads and supports my ramblings. The national selections are underway (heck, Switzerland chooses in a week!) and I’ll be posting my thoughts on the winners and runners up, as well as looking more in-depth at Melodifestivalen (because it is such a big deal, And Eric Saade is participating again); the UK selection (to see if they can actually come up with something good this year); and of course, the German selection (to see if Lena will be performing a wannabe Satellite or something new and awesome). Stick with me, guys.

Anyway, here is a big dollop of nostalgia for you in the form of Jalisse. Ciao.


2 Responses to “VIVA ITALIA! The country Eurovision has been waiting for returns”

    • Jaz

      And what do you know? Italy came back too. I did think they were just as likely to happen as each other!



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