Fan books, Facebook and photographic evidence

Sooooooo my uni exam is done and I am too, for the semester. I am officially halfway through my degree! But the best news is now I have six weeks to blog away. It was very hard staying away when I needed to be studying – especially since there was so much going on at that time!

My fan books arrived the other day (=D=D=D!!!) and they are beautiful! I will definitely be continuing my collection from next year. I was very pleased with the promptness of the delivery – almost exactly 12 business days after my order, there they were! So grab your credit cards and get on down to (or something like that – just go to the official site). I will be posting some photos of my ESC collection at some point, including these newbies – coz I love them THAT much. I’m considering setting aside an entire shelf on my bookcase for all my merchandise….whattaya think???

Speaking of phabulous photos, I promised some pics of my Oslo celebrations, which I wanted to upload TODAY but I have a pathetic net connection at the moment, so it just isn’t going to happen. Tomorrow, perhaps? As a briefing on them,  yes, I realise it is a bit sad having a party for one, but I have no direct contact with anyone who is into the contest. My parents just looked at my eyeliner-graffitied face and then retreated to the lounge room post-haste. They are constantly mystified with my obsession, although my mother appreciates my thirst for knowledge of Europe and its culture, my memerising of all its capitals, and even some of the music from the ESC albums that I force her to listen to at every opportunity.

I’ll try to get the photos up ASAP. Damn this weather and the lack of internet speed it brings!

PS – I’ve got a group going on Facebook now called Eurovision Australia – please join! It’s a little tied in to this blog as you will see. As it says in the description, it’s not just for Aussie fans, but for anyone who appreciates the ever-increasing popularity of Eurovision over here, so come and join for a bit of fun.


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