Oslo’s entries rocking my world

HOORAY!!! Yesterday I finally got my Oslo CD, having tried to get it that morning at my go-to music store (they’d run out…but it’s okay – they had 8 copies on order) and then another shop (ten dollars more expensive) and finally to another, where it was seven dollars more expensive but I bought it anyway because I couldn’t wait any longer! That’s the life of a diehard fan. Anyway, I’ve listened the heck out of it today, and found it interesting listening to all the recorded songs as a comparison to seeing the visual/ live combo last weekend. It made me love songs that weren’t anywhere near being my favourites. I realise that the songs were always going to sound better when they had been tweaked and twitched to perfection, but I still found it interesting. I love the subtle differences in voice/ inflections/ musical interludes etc.

As far as sound goes, Sweden is amazing and I can’t believe I wasn’t crushed when Anna didn’t make the final. I was disappointed with Georgia’s lack of growl on disc. Russia’s sound was mournful and eclectic. And most of the others just had me gyrating around the lounge. My post-contest depression was lifted a little by my #1 pick-me-up: music. This CD will have its work cut out for it over the nest month or so….until the DVD comes out.

In other “news” my fan books are yet to arrive. I’m hoping to get them by the end of next week. Expect a very excited me when they do!

On my way home last night I went to the video shop to get something for exam ‘study’ and the radio playing inside suddenly began talking about Lena and Satellite, which, to my shock (as this NEVER happens in Australia) they were soon to play. But just when I thought to myself ‘finally! The Australian music industry is accepting the awesomeness of Eurovision and not automatically condemning it as rubbish!’ the announcer proceeded to say ‘I can’t believe were about to play some Eurovision trash on our station’.


There it is again, that mockery, that close-minded unwillingness to accept anything other than the 95% US, 3% Aussie and 2% UK music we are forced to listen to over and over again on commercial radio here. I would rather listen to something different, something Eurovision, than hear some uninspired churned-out-500-a-day with electronic voice ‘hit’ from Timbaland or Katy Perry for the 700th time thank you very much. But I bet they wouldn’t dream of calling that trash. Oh no.

I wish I wouldn’t get so up in arms about this, but I can’t help it. Maybe if the people who are stupid enough to assume that what ESC’s overseas reputation dictates is ironclad actually took the time to listen, or watch a few contests, they’d stop being such jerks and at the very least appreciate that the contest is immensely popular, as 120 million plus people will confirm, and that it brings enjoyment and something internationally unique to a table that, at the moment, is populated by people speaking in electrotones.

I apologise for these recent rants, but I think I’ve got them off my chest now. Until Friday I’ll be busy studying for my exam, but when that’s over I’ll be blogging away again about Oslo: expect a new top 39, an overview like I’ve done for 2005 onwards, and some photos of my 2010 preparation. I know by the time you see these it’ll be more than fortnight since it happened – but you’re a fan. You always want more, just like me, no matter how overdue it is!

Chin up, Eurovisionaries.

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