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Over the years, Eurovision has produced hundreds of great songs. Sure, there’s been a fair share of bad eggs too, but that’s life. In fact, about a third of all the songs on my iPod are from the contest. So when I thought about picking just one song from each year that was my favourite, I felt daunted. But here they are anyway, my best songs from each year of the last decade – you can see with most that I have done runner-ups too, because I just couldn’t let you go without sharing my favourites. The last ten years have been brilliant as far as Eurovision is concerned, and here, in my opinion, is why (PS – post-2003, this counts all the songs from the grand finals):



1st: ICELAND – Selma – ‘All Out of Luck’

2nd: GERMANY – Sürpriz – ‘Reise Nach Jerusalem’


1st: DENMARK – Olsen Brothers – ‘Fly On The Wings of Love’

2nd: RUSSIA/ESTONIA – Alsou/Ines – ‘Solo’/ ‘Once In A Lifetime’


1st: ESTONIA – Tanel Padar & Dave Benton – ‘Everybody’

2nd: DENMARK – Rollo & King – ‘Never Ever Let You Go’

2002 (such a cracker of a year!)

1st: FRANCE – Sandrine Francois – ‘Il Faut Du Temps’

2nd: DENMARK – Malene Mortensen – ‘Tell Me Who You Are’


1st: SPAIN – Beth – ‘Dime’

2nd: GREECE/BELGIUM – Mando/Urban Trad – ‘Never Let You Go’/ ‘Sanomi’


1st: SERBIA – Zeljko Joksimovic & Ad-Hoc Orchestra – ‘Lane Moje’

2nd: TURKEY – Athena – ‘For Real’


1st: LATVIA – Walters & Kazha – ‘The War Is Not Over’

2nd: SERBIA & MONTENEGRO/NORWAY – No Name/ Wig Wam – ‘Zauvijek Moja’/ ‘In My Dreams’


1st: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Hari Mata Hari – ‘Lejla’

2nd: RUSSIA/ARMENIA – Dima Bilan/André – ‘Never Let You Go’/ ‘Without Your Love’


1st: ARMENIA – Hayko – ‘Anytime You Need’

2nd: SERBIA – Marija Serifovic – ‘Molitva’


1st: ISRAEL – Boaz – ‘The Fire In Your Eyes’

2nd: TURKEY – Mor Ve Otesi – ‘Deli’


1st: BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Regina – ‘Bistra Voda’

2nd: FINLAND/ESTONIA – Waldo’s People/ Urban Symphony – ‘Lose Control’/ ‘Rändajad’


Is this to everyone’s taste? Nyet, I don’t think so. Please comment and disagree/agree!

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