HAPPY 2000 AND WHATEVER! | Jaz’s NYE ESC Party Playlist (2010s Edition)


Well, this is it. We’ve arrived at the lucky last day of 2019! Eurovisually speaking (because believe me, you do NOT want to hear about my year personally speaking) it’s been a good one. Jury-related, scoreboard-altering scandals aside.

Down here in Australia we had our first ever national final, and crowned Queen KMH who went on to provide the most iconic performance of Tel Aviv; the Netherlands deservedly won Eurovision again after 44 years of majorly mixed results; Spain made a long-awaited JESC comeback, grabbing bronze behind Kazakhstan (!) and two-time-on-the-trot winner Poland; and lots of other stuff happened that I’ve run out of time to get into. Check out my kickass compatriots Aussievision who posted this comprehensive (and hilarious, as always) thread of the 100 most memorable moments from the 2019 NF/ESC/JESC season.

Since it has been a big twelve months, I thought we should all make the 2020 transition in style – specifically, on the dancefloor (even if your dancefloor is actually the one spare square of space in your living room that puts you at risk of stubbing your toe on the coffee table should you bust a move that’s too enthusiastic). Now, I know it’s just about ESC 250 time and I don’t want to pull focus from that (like that’s possible…even if I was Eric Saade popular that wouldn’t happen). But I’ve put together a pretty awesome – if I say so myself – New Year’s Eve party playlist anyway, made up of all the high-energy, up-tempo ESC floor fillers from the 2010s. Plus one or two sneaky NF/other additions that do belong there, I promise.

Whether you need something to get you into the partying mood pre-250, or you want a string of songs that will keep you in the spirit when that countdown veers into ballad territory, this is just the thing for you. Also, if you’re making a New Year’s resolution to get fitter and need a motivating workout soundtrack, my playlist is perfect for that too. Keep scrolling for the Spotify and YouTube versions, plus a full rundown of every song included. I tried to use the Christer Björkman sawtooth method for the “running order”, so you can press play and that’s that, or you can stick it on shuffle if you like the element of surprise.

Let me know what you think of the playlist + what your favourite Eurovision floor fillers of the decade are in the comments. No matter how questionable your taste is, I hope you have a great NYE and that you get to start the new year off on a high note. If things are looking bleak, just play Kaliopi’s Crno I Belo a few minutes before midnight and you’ll literally enter 2020 on a high note.


See you sometime in January, and thanks for all the love this year, guys. It’s much appreciated!







Jaz’s NYE ESC Party Playlist: The 2010s

All Night Long, Benjamin Ingrosso

Grab The Moment, JOWST feat. Aleksander Walmann

Glorious, Cascada

J’ai Cherché, Amir

Playing With Fire, Paula Seling & Ovi

Truth, Chingiz

Love Unlimited, Sofi Marinova

This Is The Night, Kurt Calleja

Say Yay, Barei

Alcohol Is Free, Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis

We Got Love, Jessica Mauboy

Space, Slavko Kalezic

Toy, Netta

Run Away, Sunstroke Project feat. Olia Tira

Replay, Tamta

Occidentali’s Karma, Francesco Gabbani

Je Ne Sais Quoi, Hera Björk

Cliché Love Song, Basim

What About My Dreams?, Kati Wolf

Lie To Me, Mikolas Josef

La La Love, Ivi Adamou

Say Na Na Na, Serhat

Satellite, Lena

Golden Boy, Nadav Guedj

Moustache, TwinTwin

Haba, Stella Mwangi

I Feel Alive, Imri

Tick Tock, Mariya Yaremchuk

Friend of a Friend, Lake Malawi

Party For Everybody, Buranovskiye Babushki

What’s The Pressure, Laura Tesoro

Popular, Eric Saade

Here For You, Maraaya

If Love Was A Crime, Poli Genova 

Cheesecake, Teo

Zaleilah, Mandinga

Too Late For Love, John Lundvik

Lipstick, Jedward

Soldi, Mahmood

I Can’t Go On, Robin Bengtsson

My Słowianie, Donatan & Cleo

Light Me Up, Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer

I Want Your Love, Eduard Romanyuta

Euphoria, Loreen

I’ve Been Waiting For This Night, Donny Montell

Chameleon, Michela

Heroes, Mans Zelmerlöw

Eastern European Funk, InCulto

Like It, ZENA

Rise Up, Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd

Heartbeat, Justs

Fuego, Eleni Foureira

Spirit In The Sky, KEiiNO

Hvala Ne, Lea Sirk

Woki Mit Deim Popo, Trackshittaz

Dance You Off, Benjamin Ingrosso

Allez Ola Olé, Jessy Matador

Requiem, Alma

Hey Mamma, Sunstroke Project

She Got Me, Luca Hänni

Lost and Found, Eye Cue

La Venda, Miki

Tonight Again, Guy Sebastian

My Lucky Day, DoReDos

2000 and Whatever, Electric Fields (because there’s no better song to end the decade with!)



Until 2020…





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