Today, just a ‘short cut’ from me (at least I try! 😉):

1. Belarus: My pick would’ve been: NONE of the ten finalists! 🙄 I actually thought none of the ten songs was Eurovision-worthy and Alexander was among my worse songs in the line-up. I guess Mr. Ivan(ov) will learn “HOW TO FLY” back home again straight after his semi perfomance, come May! The only good thing is: it makes it easier for us to pick the non-qualifiers in the semi finals. DNQ for sure (what else?!?) 🙃
If I had been forced to pick an entry from the Belarusian final, it would’ve been ‘Running to the sun’ by Kirill Yermakov, because it reminded me a bit of ‘Musiqq’ from Latvia 2011, which I liked much. But we still remember that Latvia DNQ in 2011, don’t we?!

2. Malta: here are my Top 5 for tonight’s final:

5) ‘Little love’ by Franklin Calleja: I like his clear voice, although his songs are always dramatically OTT, well most of the time. But I can’t help it, since he always looks so vulnerable, I want to save him from bad criticism all the time, like you want to save a little baby-dog from the cars crossing the road! I have a ‘Little Love’ for his song too and wouldn’t mind having him on Globen stage, since he already tried so hard for years now.

4) ‘Lighthouse’ by Kimberley Cortis: I have a little soft spot for this one too. Not that it would do dramatically well in Stockholm, but it was one of the songs that I liked immediately after my first listen, and I can’t say that about all of the songs 😀! Plus I love ‘Lighthouses’ and would like to see one on Eurovision stage just for my own enjoyment.

3) ‘Alive’ by Jasmine Abela: I think that’s a good song which could qualify in Stockholm. It sounds very international and with a good staging and with the right show on stage this could do well in the contest this year. And Jasmine is a pretty good singer, she just had to work on her stage show, not on her vocals.

2) ‘Fire burn’ by Dominic: a great song and my first pick for the winner of tonight’s final! It sounds already a bit Swedish, but since we’re in Stockholm and I like a lot of Swedish music, there’ nothing wrong about this one for Malta’s entry 2016. This would hit at least my personal top 10 for sure. And I think Dominic looked pretty cool with his bow tie and his suspenders, not!? 😬

1) ‘Chameleon’ by Ira Losco: I am watching the Maltese final tonight to see this song win! IMO, it’s by far the best song in the line-up, and Ira is an amazing singer and performer. It all screams like “WINNING SONG”, not just for tonight! I’d say if this one wins tonight, everything seems possible in Stockholm this year. And I would love to see Malta winning their first ESC, plus doing the double with the JESC win! That would be amazing, so ‘Go, IRA Go’!

I’m done, not as short as I promised, but at least I tried 😂! Let’s hope for the best song winning tonight and having the fantastic Ira Losco live on Globen stage. At least that’s what I hope 😃!

Have a great evening evening (well night!) and enjoy the show ( if you will watch it live?!),

Wolf 😉