NEWSFLASH: Free as a bird in May 2016, will Delta Goodrem spread her wings and fly north for Eurovision?

Australia’s Sanna Nielsen, and Eurovision. Delta Goodrem and the ESC. Deltz + Eurovij (I could go on, but thankfully, I won’t). According to a large portion of people who enjoy discussing Eurovision online – which I assume includes you, given your current reading material – that’s a match manufactured in the same factory where Il Volo were assembled (and very far away from the place where Chanee and N’evergreen were paired up *insert audio recording of fighting cats here*. And it seems that Australia’s second attempt at taking home the Eurovision-stamped Kosta Boda trophy could see the two meet, and make (hopefully) sweet music together.

That’s right, folks – do a little detective work, and you’ll find that Miss Goodrem is all freed up for May 2016. And that sudden space in Delta’s diary isn’t the only clue pointing towards the singer possibly succeeding Guy Sebastian as Australia’s ESC representative.

What’s that? You want proof? Fine then! Obviously my word alone isn’t enough for you, but I’m not offended or anything. Whatever.


Exhibit A: Delta’s disappearing role in Cats: The Musical

Sir Andrew Lloyd “Just Try And Top My Fifth Place For The UK!” Webber’s Cats began its Australian run in November, and as of a week ago, Delta Goodrem has been donning the hairy onesie required to play the role of Grizabella, glamour cat (?) turned not-so-glamour cat (???). Cats will travel across Australia into 2016 (presumably with several truckloads of kitty litter in tow), finishing up in my stomping ground of Perth in May – but according to the show’s ticketing website, it’s not necessarily taking Delta with it all the way.

Click through to buy tickets for the Adelaide (March-April) or Perth (April-May) performances, and you’ll see the following message: ‘It has not been confirmed who will be playing the role of Grizabella…and an announcement will be made in the near future.’ Interesting, isn’t it? Interpreting that statement in the obvious manner, it seems as though Delta’s commitment to Cats could end as soon as Valentine’s Day (when the Brisbane shows conclude), leaving the songstress with some serious free time through to the end of May. I wonder what would be a productive, international career-increasing use of that time?


Delta’s sinking her claws into the character of Grizabella right meow…but come February, that may not be the case (Photos: Cats Australia Cast page; Edwina Pickles)


Exhibit B: Coaching commitments on The Voice pose no problem

Guy Sebastian returned to his role of judge on The X Factor Australia shortly after arriving home from Vienna, and Delta – as a three, soon to be four-time coach on The Voice Australia – shouldn’t have a problem doing the same, if she were to duck into the Globen to do Eurovision next year.

That’s thanks to a sizeable gap in The Voice production schedule between the filming of the Blind Auditions, and the beginning of the live shows. Delta could potentially put the auditions behind her in time to walk the red carpet at Stockholm’s opening party, rehearse her Eurovision entry, qualify from her semi final (I’ve got confidence in this lady), win the whole contest (I don’t have that much confidence…but just humour me) and then jet back to Australia where her big red chair would be waiting for her. It’d be a busy start to 2016, but I reckon Delta could handle it.


Exhibit C: Record label links and the Bella Paige connection

 Sony Australia is the record label of choice/contractual obligation for Guy Sebastian, and it was Sony’s German counterpart that partnered with the label and Australia’s ESC broadcaster SBS to pay for Guy’s participation in Austria. Sony, SBS and Eurovision are very much interlinked at this point in time – and guess which label Delta Goodrem is currently releasing music through? Some might say the logical nature of the path from Guy to Goodrem is too convenient, but I say it’s just convenient enough.

Then there’s the cherry on top of this mounting pile of proof: Delta’s Junior Eurovision association from November, which saw her name mentioned more than once (a lot more than once, in fact) in European media. Though her co-write of Bella Paige’s My Girls wasn’t intended to be a co-write for a Eurovision event, that’s exactly what eventuated – and to summon Delta for adult contest duty off the back of that makes sense…doesn’t it?


Now she’s co-written a JESC entry, is it Delta’s turn to take to the adult Eurovision stage with a song written by herself, for herself? (Photo: EBU, Elena Volotova/Vladimir Dudakliev)


With those points of evidence presented, I’ll assume you’re now as convinced as I am that Delta is the most likely Aussie act to be sent to Stockholm (and as I gushed in a recent post, I think she’d knock Europe’s lederhosen off given the chance). After all, she’s available, and already associated with the contest and with the label SBS turned to when selecting their so-far sole adult entrant.

But, if you’re still skeptical, consider the following: Delta’s latest single Wings was promoted in Europe, meaning she’s got a current presence on the continent, no matter how small, that can be built upon. She also has an album due for release in early 2016, which undoubtedly features some three-minute tracks that would do nicely as ESC entries. Then there’s SBS’ well-publicised intention of nabbing a ‘bigger name than Guy’ for participation no. 2. I’d say that Delta fits the bill (despite having the same amount of letters in her name as Guy Sebastian does, which technically makes their names equal in size. HA HA).

I guess the moral of this (news) story is this: Delta’s freedom to represent Australia at Eurovision 2016, and her likelihood of doing so, could be a) coincidental, or b) carefully orchestrated (bye-bye Grizabella, hallå Globe Arena) – so don’t discount her, whatever you do. At least not until SBS publishes an official media release stating that a family block of Vegemite chocolate will be flying the flag for us in Sweden.

Until that day comes, I want to know what you think. Is Delta deciding between the ‘Hair-Ruffling Breeze’ and ‘Destructive Tornado’ settings on the wind machine as I type this? If she is The One for the Land Down Under, would you vote for her (my fellow Aussies aside, of course)? Or is that a moot point, because you’re certain that the evidence above has nul points to do with Eurovision? Let me know below!





15 Responses to “NEWSFLASH: Free as a bird in May 2016, will Delta Goodrem spread her wings and fly north for Eurovision?”

  1. ANDY

    Just got a rude comment about the lack of a Dami Im mention on an old blog post…written before Dami even auditioned for the X Factor 😂 ??
    how funny, i was not rude, i said ,you are doing a terrible job analyzing things because Dami’s name was everywhere since J.M was invited in 2014…it’s hurt or something that someone say that you are not good at blogging?? i never insulted you 😉 take all the criticism ,because you are here to be listened or just remove this blog.
    . this post was made in dec, 2015, Dami won x factor in 2013, then you put samantha jade and cyrus on your top people to represent Australia ,really? LOL the lack of intelligence to approach a topic is wrong just some random jaz girl who made a blog…Be objective if you want people to read you to take u seriously,and not just another random fan with a blog..that’s why i am more into wiwibloggs well everyone is into them than..others.
    btw maybe you are not even from Australia that’s why you don’t know about the only successful x factor winner in Australia…or in a tv show next to Guy and Jess, next time do a better job and take everything in consideration . in case that you don’t like Dami… fine just be “professional” like ther other eurovision blogs that people look at.if this blog is not about
    being professional and just random opinions then,SORRY MY BAD,

    it’s the right time to make my post ?yes because looking at what Dami made before Eurovision, to be a high name to look at (like gurl Dami was on the news head to head with kylie,tina,Delta) and because of what she made on Eurovision #2 and because of what she is doing after EV with a platinum single and sold out tour 2016-2017 plus gold Album IN AUSTRALIA it’s big..that’s why i am here… it’s time to wake up and looking around and think even if i don’t like this chick she is doing well.take in consideration.. Dami has a new album out this year,a new tour in 2018, hope u can see that she is a rising star,and go to her concert to really know who is Dami Im live. give her a chance…it’s your blog u can do whatever you a better and good job,and you are going to get success. open your mind ,be professional ,or just be another euro fan with a shitty opinion, Like ” Australia is not part of Europe, shouldn’t be on Eurovision” that thing stopped Dami to win. because of the public votes. now you get it?
    AND doing a shitty tweet saying lies to be like ” someone ataccked me” and not getting my point/criticism of your “work” it’s stupid, you are never going to evolve. Accept the criticism,get it over and do better.
    maybe after seeing her in her EV performance you were like ok good. if was like that then good for you.. you are evolving.
    Hope this blog become big and always find a fair opinion,


    • Jaz

      Firstly, it’s a bit hard to know which post you’re talking about when you’re commenting on different ones. Secondly, yes – I did write a post in December 2015 about the Australian artists I WOULD PERSONALLY LIKE to represent Australia at Eurovision, at the time. No, I did not mention Dami, because she was not at the top of my PERSONAL list. It was not a prediction post or a post analyzing the most likely act to be picked. It was my opinion, as is everything I post because no, I am not a professional news service – just someone who loves Eurovision and wants to write about it. Even if some people think I suck at it!

      And yes, I did think your first comment had some rudeness to it, but again, that’s my opinion. I appreciate that perhaps you didn’t mean it that way and that the written word can be taken the wrong way sometimes, as maybe I did. But that’s still how I felt. And now you’re saying I lack intelligence regarding a post that was pure opinion? THAT is rude. I am not here to be objective, because that is not what my blog is about. As I said, I’m not a news service. I AM a random fan with a blog who publishes random opinions, and I’m proud of it. If you don’t view that as ‘professional’, then that is fine by me. I’m glad you enjoy Wiwibloggs (as do I), who are certainly more ‘professional’. I’m not trying to imitate them or even come close to doing what they do on the level that they do. It’s not even worth trying as they are beyond fantastic.

      As for me potentially not being from Australia, well…would you like to see my birth certificate? I know exactly how successful Dami has been and how talented she is – I was in Stockholm last year (as press, actually) and saw her perform numerous times, and I don’t think we could have had a better artist to represent us. I’m still not a huge fan of her music, but I love her as a person and I’m sure she would be okay with that. It doesn’t sound like you are, but that doesn’t matter to me.

      And yes, I tweeted about you – I called your comment as I saw it and wanted to vent. I’m not going to apologise for that either. Your criticism of me – in MY OPINION – was a little rude and not just a disagreement. I welcome disagreements because I understand that not everyone feels the same way about everything, and it’s always fun to get a light-hearted argument going.

      Feeling the need to respond to you like this is NOT fun, so I’m going to wrap it up here. Thanks for taking the time to read something I wrote even though it clearly rubbed you up the wrong way. Enjoy Eurovision 2017.


    • Jaz

      And so is my pen name (where’d the double ‘z’ come from??). I think it’ll be fifteen minutes of fame, but still…EXCITING STUFF!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. wschmidt1206

    Good job, Jaz, well investigated!
    As Amy already pointed out, I also think that you have some ‘Sherlock’ genes in you. 😊
    You give a really good Miss Holmes. 😉

    And I hope that this will come true, as I think that Delta would be THE best artist Australia could possibly have for Eurovision 2016. You already know that I am a huge Delta fan, and of course she would get my full douze, if she performed on Globen stage. That is something I really love to see. BTW, I already voted for her on your latest poll! 😃
    Plus we don’t need to fear your country qualifying, because Delta is a secure factor for the grand final! She simply is AMAZING!

    To celebrate this awesome artist, here are my little top 3 songs from her:

    3. “Believe again” from ‘Delta’

    2. “Born to try” (Eurovision) from ‘Innocent eyes” (If that’s not a credo?!)

    1. “The Analyst” from her amazing album “Mistaken identity” – I could listen to this song on neverending repeat!

    And most importantly she is a brilliant live performer, with the right song she could go all the way in Stockholm. I am absolutely convinced!!! I will be joining #teamdelta, if she becomes your Eurovision artist 2016.

    I keep all of my ten fingers crossed that she’s the one for Australia! 😄

    I hope you’ll have some nice end-of-the-year days before we celebrate the New Eurovision (and Mello!) Year. For me, it’s ice-skating time today 😜 !

    Until next time and thank you for your great research,

    Wolf 😉

    P.S. TLOMB is my fave song by ‘Bucks Fizz’ which is also a part of my blue box! We share this one now 😀. I always think of ‘The Wizzard of Oz” when I listen to it – it would be THE perfect song for that film, not?!

    Liked by 1 person

      • wschmidt1206

        Haha … ‘Bearlock Holmes’! Now that’s the name Jaz really worked hard for in this post- so nice! 😀
        You’re a word acrobat, really, and I am sure she’ll like it! If not, I will eat my hat or listen to ‘Ik ben verliefd” for 24 hours on repeat (which is torture!!!).


    • Jaz

      Woohoo! Welcome to Team Delta. It looks like our wish may come true after all.

      I love all three songs you’ve listed – Believe Again and Not Me, Not I are probably my favourites. Anything remotely resembling those or Wings would have the potential to go down very well in Sweden, methinks (BIAS ALERT!). Please send me a pic of all ten of your fingers crossed so I can learn how to do the same ;P

      Why am I not surprised that the Bucks Fizz record is in your blue box collection! It reminds me a bit of ‘Never-Ending Story’ by Lihmahl, actually. But wouldn’t be out of place on the Wizard of Oz soundtrack either.


  3. AmyBBuzz

    What sleuthing, down to the very letter(s)! I love it.

    As I was fond of Delta before I ever heard of Guy Sebastian taking his talents to ESC, I’m willing to think of myself as Dr. Watson, to your Holmes, and concur with the evidence at present.

    Nice xmas sweater in the header. A little jarring to see a sleeve-less xmas themed shirt, but I suppose that is much more comfortable for a holiday Down Under.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jaz

      Ah, dear Watson! Happy to have you on board the Delta Express. Although I must let slip that I was alerted to these tidbits of info by a reliable, very knowledgeable source. I did, of course, conduct my own investigations off the back of that. And as they say, sharing is caring.

      There is absolutely no room for Xmas sweaters down here, that’s for sure! So much so that you can now by sweater-printed bather tops to wear instead. No, I haven’t purchased one. Not yet, anyway…


  4. Martin

    Nice article Jaz – I’d be very happy to see Delta as your pick and that would probably secure some decent points from the UK before she even sung (especially if Channel 5 show some re-runs of her as Nina Tucker in Neighbours).

    I love your ‘same number of letters’ quip – if it finds its way into any posts of mine, I’ll credit you… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jaz

      Glad you liked it! I’m also glad there’s SOMEONE out there who appreciates my terrible jokes. Feel free to adopt that one at any time.

      I’m not sure if re-runs of Delta in Neighbours would help or hinder her chances of success, TBH…but I hope we get the chance to find out nonetheless.

      Liked by 1 person


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