SEEING DOUBLE? All the doppelgangers of Eurovision 2015 (finally) exposed!

SURPRISE!!! Just when you thought I’d become so bogged down in the depths of Post-Eurovision Depression that I’d lost the will to blog and legged it to go live in an underground cave in Siberia where I’d never hear the words ‘Good evening, Europe!’ uttered again *draws breath*, here I am.

It’s been so long since my previous post, I don’t think we had a host city for Eurovision 2016 when it went up. But, as everyone on the planet is now aware, we are Stockholm-bound, baby! Sweden’s capital has gotten the gig, and the Globe Arena (which also housed the contest in 2000) will be the centre of the action next May whilst looking as much like a giant golf ball as ever.

Speaking of things that look like other things…welcome to today’s post, which is a) an extravaganza of lookalikes, and b) my last post to be purely focused on ESC no. 60 for a while (at least a week, I promise). I’ve done a LOT of doppelganger posts in the past, and as they’ve been pretty popular – and as I spotted quite a few familiarities in the forty faces of 2015 – I saw no reason not to add another one to the EBJ archives.

In the words of Mr. Eurovision himself – that’s three-time winner Johnny Logan, for the uninitiated – what’s another year? Let’s take another wander down Lookalike Lane. Prepare to be not as impressed by the following as I’m implying you should be!


Ladylike lookalikes

Aminata looks like American actress Zoe Saldana

The only notable difference here is that Aminata’s eyebrow game is a heck of a lot stronger. I guess Hollywood’s beauty salons aren’t all that.


Ann Sophie looks like American actress/comedian Ellie Kemper

The same megawatt smiles AND the same preference for parting their hair on the left? Case closed – these two are totally sisters from different misters.


Boggie looks like Kate Middleton (a.k.a. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)

I swear this isn’t just a convenient pairing of photographs…but if you’re not buying it, you’d have to at least agree that Boggie looks more like Kate’s sister than her actual sister does. PS – note the shared penchant for pearl jewelry.


Edurne looks like Israeli model Bar Refaeli

This being the case, Edurne should expect Leonardo DiCaprio to make a move on her any day now.


Edurne (also) looks like Australian model and ex-Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins

Si, it’s true – Edurne somehow manages to resemble two people who in turn look nothing alike. In this case it’s a fellow blonde, blue-eyed bombshell who routinely pulls out the ‘I’m checking my hair for lice’ pose when participating in a photo shoot.


Dudes with doppelgangers

Daniel Kajmakoski looks like Harry Potter star Tom Felton

I’m telling you, it’s something about the head shape. And/or the gradually receding hairline that will see both Daniel and Draco Malfoy become bald within the next five years.


Eduard Romanyuta looks like Australian singer/songwriter Conrad Sewell

If you like your men with flowing blonde locks (but Thor’s too buff for your taste) then here’s two I prepared earlier. No word yet on whether or not Conrad likes to be tailed by scantily-clad cops at all times, á la Eduard.


Loïc Nottet looks like One Direction’s Harry Styles

Okay, so this isn’t the most astounding lookalike I’ve ever come up with. But squint at the photo above whilst chopping an onion, and you might see the similarities that I do. And while you’re doing that, I’ll be internally debating whether Loïc or Harry has better hair.


Måns Zelmerlöw looks like Australian acting export Hugh Jackman

Fast-forward fifteen years, and Måns will be a dead ringer for Hugh (who was trained up as an actor on my university campus, by the way…don’t say I never provide you with fun facts). This, of course, will make him Hugh JackMåns.


Stig Rästa looks like One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson

Here’s another 1D comparison that, if I’m honest, isn’t the last you’ll encounter in this post. Stig may have chopped and changed his coiffure for Eurovision purposes (there is a 99% chance that isn’t the actual reason, but just roll with it) but such spontaneity is what makes him beautiful (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?).


Vaidas Baumila looks like Australian actor Josh Lawson

I’m not going to lie. I’m proud of this one. From the strong jaw to the stubble, and (most) of the stuff in between, feasting your eyes on these two faces at once is to truly be seeing double. Except for the fact that it isn’t. But it’s close enough.


Band members separated at birth

Il Volo’s Gianluca Ginoble looks like One Direction’s Zayn Malik + American singer Nick Jonas

Hey, I’m allowed one love-child lookalike (and one final 1D reference). Gianluca might be a better singer than Zayn and Nick combined (which is not so much a dig at them as it is a massive compliment to GG) but he’s just as attractive as their faces would be combined.


Il Volo’s Piero Barone looks like Eurovision 2007 winner Marija Šerifović

And Piero’s my pick for hottest third of Il Volo? I guess that means I’ll settle for Marija in the event that he and I aren’t meant to be.


The Makemakes’ Florian Meindl looks like American actor Oliver Hudson

Question this one, and I will refer you to an optometrist immediately.


The Makemakes’ Markus Christ looks like Scottish actor James McAvoy

In case you didn’t notice, there were two famous faces attached to the less famous faces of Austria’s 2015 entrants. If anyone can come up with a dead ringer for lead singer Dominic, then the trilogy will be complete!


Voltaj’s Calin Goia looks like former tennis champ Andre Agassi

Both of these guys groom their facial hair in the same way (though Calin’s is more refined) and neither have any hair on their scalp that requires grooming. The evidence of their blood relativity is right there in front of you, people.


Well, that’s my list of lookalikes exhausted. This post was requested (a very, very long time ago) by Wolfgang from Germany. If there’s a type of post you’d like to see more often on EBJ, a theme you want to suggest for a Top 10, an edition of the ESC you want me to Retro Rank…anything at all I can put together for you, then let me know in the comments, via the Contact Jaz page, or on social media. I promise I’ll make it happen ASAP, not because I’m short on ideas (believe me, my backlog of Eurovisual ramblings-in-waiting is bigger than Rona Nishliu’s dreadlock beehive) but because I want to make sure my content is the kind you guys will come back for.

Without me having to bribe you, that is.

If you’re up for commenting down below without a payoff, then answer me this: did I actually identify all of Vienna’s doppelgangers, or are there others yet to be exposed? Which 2015 artists had you wondering if a famous face had been recruited by a country for competition purposes?


Until next time…




6 Responses to “SEEING DOUBLE? All the doppelgangers of Eurovision 2015 (finally) exposed!”

  1. Ali Nella Houd

    SCARILY and SPECTACULARLY good post, J Bear.

    And no – it was NOT just for Wolfi (who, as we know, is in any case a bit of an old … Rampensau!).

    Some of us do actually have day jobs, you know, working for da man, in the 5-to-9 rat race, bringing home the bacon, and so can’t respond as nimbly and instantaneously as we’d like. (:0P

    I do think most if not all of those you’ve picked were actually identical twins, separated at birth, so very well spotted.

    My apologies in advance that some of the ones I have spotted are a bit obscure, and a bit Australo-centric, but you know sometimes one of a pair of twins does just up and emigrate down under.

    And very sorry for my clunky use of links, esp to flickr. A techno whizz I am definitely nyet.

    SO anyhoo, my genealogical slewthing reveals the following twosomes once shared a womb:

    Nadav and … Tim Cahill, Socceroo.

    Måns and … Jude Law (and HJ, so yes: identical triplets).


    Eduard and … Brad Pitt, in Legends of the Fall (another triplet).

    Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall

    Loïc and … Jon Cozart, aka Paint, the Texan song parody youtuber (another nother triplet.)

    Bojana and … Melissa McCarthy, comic actress.

    Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids

    Elina and … Linda Blair, actress (in one of her not-too-possessed incarnations).

    Linda Blair

    Knez and … Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) from ‘Die Hard’.

    Philip from Anti-Social Media and … Anthony Pratt, billionaire Aussie businessman.

    And last but not least, to makemake the lucky nul-pointing trifecta …

    Dominic from the MakeMakes and …


    The uninsured-by-Budget-Direct Captain Risky!!!!

    How appropriate given Dom’s flaming Steinway stunt.

    Ciao J!


    PS: For some choice but discreet EBJ-post tips, trawl through your overloaded FB message inbox sometime! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jaz

      My apologies – of COURSE this post was for you too, and anyone else who’s interested. But as Wolfgang has been so patient given he requested it about a year ago, I felt I owed him a dedication!

      I am pretty impressed with your doppelganger-spotting skills, my friend. Only one or two are obscure to me, and the fact that we now have a lookalike for every member of The Makemakes…well, makes me very happy and totally compensates for any obscurity. I don’t suppose you’ve got one for the missing third of Il Volo?

      Your Loïc lookalike is just a tad better than mine. I.e. infinitely so. And the BOJANA ONE! Why did I not think of that? Also loving the Elina/Linda pairing (fortunately for Miss Born, she doesn’t bear any resemblance to the 110% possessed incarnation of Linda Blair…I don’t think hijacking the UK’s stairs in order to descend them backwards-and-upside-down would have pulled in too many votes for Estonia or Electro Velvet).

      But…poor Philip. That’s his future self, all right.

      Your post suggestions were well-received, and I have responded (somewhat) accordingly. Thanks again for heeding my call!

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  2. wschmidt1206

    Hey Jazelmerlöw (I guess Mr. Zanyar will be very sad to read this, although Jazanyar sounds equally perfect, not ;)!),

    Awesome blog, you know I love your doppelgänger blogs and I like your latest one, too!
    Great pleasure to read, I enjoyed it very much.

    I think a lot of the doppelgangers this year lead into “One Direction”. 😉

    Some short remarks to this DG edition:

    1) I think we can’t deny some similarities of Ann Sophie with former (young) singer Amy Winehouse, at least when she was about 18, their faces looked almost the same:

    But Ellie Kemper and Ann Sophie at least share the same dentist, or do they just use the same “pearl white” toothpaste and the same red lip gloss? I can’t decide?! 😉

    2) Boggie is definitely THE royal sister, absolutely! And they might share the same fashion designer(s). Both classy ladies always wear beautiful dresses that fit them perfectly.I think Boggie was best dressed on Eurovision final night in May.

    3) I think Edurne also resembles to (young) Mariah Carey from the early 90’s on your first photo! On the second one she definitely looks like “Spain’s next top model”! How can a woman be that unbelievably beautiful, her beauty is disturbing in my eyes ;-)!

    4) Eduard also looks like one of the “Hansons” – the “middle” brother of them three!

    5) Hugh is in the same way adorable as Mans! Maybe Mans could do the “Oscars” first next year, before we will see him as the presenter of the 61st ESC in Stockholm! That would definitely be worth watching in the middle of the night, wouldn’t it ;-D!

    6) Interesting! Stieg and Louis once shared the same hairdresser, today they both have different looks.

    7) Vaidas (and Josh Lawson, too) also looks like former American actor Robin Williams, but I am sure they both cannot change their faces to such grimaces as Robin was able to.

    8) Haha! Il Volo’s Piero Barone looks like Marija – they share the same smile, of course! But the interesting question here is who is wearing the more beautiful specs? I then would prefer the ones by … Giannis ;-)!

    9) Florian Meindl looks like the younger brother of Oliver Hudson, one can see that! But poor James McAvoy – he does not deserve the comparison to Markus Christ, IMO! Markus definitely looks with his “Vokuhila hairdo” like the son of German Schlager celebrity Wolfgang Petry (cowboy boots and flanell shirt included here!):

    10) And finally – Calin and André – brothers at first sight! I was wondering if Calin also had that long hair like Andre had about 25 years ago during his Wimbledon times?!

    Thank you so much for this GREAT blog and can I wish some more?

    I would like to read about your “Stockholm Wish List 2016” of all participating countries, or just some selected countries, if you have no wish for every country (which I doubt! ;-)).

    And what about your Top 10 National Final Songs / Performances of all time!

    Finally, my (very belated) birthday wishes to EBJ and please continue at least, let’s say, for the next 6 years! You must!

    A bientôt,

    Wolfgang 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jaz

      Jazelmerlöw, Jazanyar…I’ll take what (or who) ever I can get!

      So clearly this post was just for you, and I’m glad you enjoyed it – although I must admit, I know it’s not my best work where doppelgangers are concerned. That just means I’ll have to try again and try harder. The lookalikes will never stop here, people.

      Now I realise you’re not the first person to point out the Ann Sophie/Amy Winehouse resemblance to me, so I’m taking that down as a pairing for the future. I see it too!

      I like your ‘Måns hosting the Oscars’ idea…but if MZW does Eurovision 2016 first, perhaps Hugh could join him? That’d be enough eye candy to please everyone. Oh, and Sanna Nielsen would have to be floating around somewhere too (following on from Conchita as the Green Room hostess, perhaps).

      Hmm, Giannis has a Marija look about him too. Those two and Piero should form some kind of specs-wearing supergroup! I might even put my glasses on and join them…even if they don’t invite me.

      Calin with long, flowing, Andre Agassi hair is something I’d love to see. I heard Andre’s was a wig, so it wouldn’t be hard for Mr. Voltaj to pop one on for special occasions (though I’m glad he didn’t wear a synthetic mullet for Eurovision. That might have ruined Romania’s 100% qual record on the spot).

      Danke for the post ideas, and consider them officially on my To-Do List 😀 Funnily enough, I have my first Stockholm wish list post coming out next week…and I don’t think you’ll be too surprised at who it’s focused on (hint: it’s a suggestion for the host country).

      Finally, merci for the birthday wishes. I promise I’ll try to be around in another six years’ time – though I suppose it depends on whether you and your fellow reader/s are still interested in my ramblings. Fingers crossed!

      Best wishes from a surprisingly cold Australia 🙂


      • wschmidt1206

        Oh, a blog just pour moi! I am truly honoured and merci mille fois for your dedication.
        That’s amazing! 😉 And I am sure all of your readers liked and enjoyed it.

        What I forgot yesterday: when I first saw Dominic from “The Makemakes”, I immediately thought of British singer/songwriter Jonathan Jeremiah. There are some similarities between those two, I think, not just in their looks, but also in their sound and their voices:

        And of course I am joining your #teamMansannaforEurovisionhosts, they are the perfect match for this job! Maybe Hugh Jackmans could chat in the greenroom then (but without a wig, please!). Or better, he could announce the Australian points as your points presenter next year while singing the Australian twelve pointer ;-), that would be cool!

        O.K., let’s say you, Marija, Piero and Giannis form THE Eurovision super-specs celebrity group 2016 which will look just awesome, I am sure. But we need a jury for finding out who of you looks best with his glasses. I could never decide that ;)!

        Funny that you already work on your Stockholm wish list 2016, what a coincidence!
        Following your hint, I’d like to ask you if you take it into consideration to change your first name into “Juliet” just for this next occasional post :-)?
        I have a certain feeling of who it might be you wish to be next year’s Melodifestivalen
        winner! 😉
        I am already excited and can’t wait to see if I am right ;).

        Nice greets from warm but rainy Northrhine Westphalia,


        Liked by 1 person

        • Jaz

          Now we have two Dominic ‘Makemakes’ Muhrer doppelgangers to choose from! This is why I love my readers. You managed to find a visual AND vocal twin, so consider me impressed.

          YES – if Australia is invited back to Eurovision for 2016 (which I’m still not sure is a good idea, but whatever happens, happens) Hugh Jackman has to be Lee Lin Chin’s successor. I’m sure he’d need to bribed to do it, but I’m willing to empty my bank account to make it happen.

          I think we need Moran Mazor on the jury to pick between Piero, Marija, Giannis and I in the glasses stakes. Although I suspect I wouldn’t have a chance of winning 😥

          As for the Stockholm Wishlist post, Volume One…well, I can tell you that yes, I will be calling myself Juliet for the occasion! There’s no one else I’d rather represent Sweden at some point, so I couldn’t help myself.

          Liked by 1 person


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