EBJ turns FIVE!! | My top 10 JESC entries of Era EBJ

Hello there. Welcome back to the most popular blog in the world that features ‘Eurovision’, ‘by’ and the name ‘Jaz’ in the title, and to today’s lucky last fifth birthday post. I am she who goes by Jaz, and I will be your captain on this flight through JESC past.

Now, if your reaction to the mere sight of a Junior Eurovision-related post was something like this…


…I’m sorry, but I totally warned you at the end of my previous post that this was coming. For those of you who are Team JESC as well as ESC (high fives all round) it’s probably coming at a time when you’re pretty pumped for the 2014 edition. The show will be held in Malta in approximately two months, fourteen days and nine hours, not that I’m keeping track. Amazingly, it will be the biggest one we’ve experienced in a long time, with the likes of Serbia and Bulgaria returning, plus Italy (!), Montenegro (!!) and Slovenia (INFINITE EXCLAMATION MARKS!) making their respective debuts. Remember just a couple of years ago when JESC was on the brink of being cancelled? Not any more, folks. So, partly to wind up my overly-long blog birthday celebrations, and partly to kick off the warm-up to Junior season, I present to you my top 10 entries since EBJ began – which unlike in the case of adult Eurovision, includes the 2009 contest.

If you want to check out my top 10 of all time, you can do that here. If you’d rather just read on, I’ll stop rambling and let you get on with it.


#10 | Vumgerit marmeladebs, gemriel shokoladebs, vtsekvavt ertad candy party-ze…

Candy Music by CANDY (Georgia 2011)

You may (but probably won’t) recall that I seriously disliked this song the first time I heard it. It was my least favourite of Year Yerevan right up until the Candy girls ditched the gold lamé and afro wigs for those adorable pink and white confections, and had their mini Christina Aguilera warble her way into my heart. I mean, I still wasn’t thrilled when Georgia won that night, but looking back I think it was the right decision. Candy Music is freaking catchy, and encapsulates the effort and individuality we’ve come to expect from this country in JESC.


#9 | Du vet väl att jag faller, när du går förbi, när du tar min hand…

Faller by Erik Rapp (Sweden 2011)

Whenever I’m reminded that Erik didn’t win Swedish Idol last year (*insert the Swedish word for ‘travesty’ here*) I find that taking a bajillionth-or-so listen to his kick-ass Junior track makes me feel slightly less outraged. You guys know I have Sweden’s flag permanently glued to my hand every ESC/JESC season, so a little bias is creeping in here (and will do to all the Swedish songs I’m yet to mention) but Faller’s maturity, melody and slick production speaks for itself, and I genuinely love the sound of its voice.


#8 | För nu idag, nu känner jag, nu känner jag att har mitt mod…

Mitt Mod by Lova Sönnerbo (Sweden 2012)

Oh hai there, Swedish song number two. This one from Lova was an understated, heartfelt ballad with lyrics that I can really connect with. I’m not sure what that says about me considering I’m ten years older than Lova, but whatever. It’s just pretty, okay? Plus, it showed us that Sweden can pull off something pared-back with as much success as something OTT (perhaps involving exploding glass).


#7 | Dar, cât nu e prea târziu, tu întreab-o, cum să fiu…

Cum Să Fim by Rafael (Moldova 2013)

I present to you now a prime example of a ‘love it or hate it’ entry. Rafael’s ear-piercing vocals had many fans running for their nearest earplug stockist, and I understand that. However, I fell in love with this song instantly, and no amount of pre-pubescent screeching or questionable English lyrics were going to change that. It has the same majestic, Lion King-esque vibe that had me hooked on the likes of Zlata’s Gravity from the beginning. So for future reference, if you want to write a song that will win me over, you know how to go about it.


#6 | Vsia zemlia, moi zori, moia simian…

We Are One by Sofia Tarasova (Ukraine 2013)

Ukraine came reasonably close to doing the double with this entry, which, based on style and performance, could stand up in the adult contest. We Are One is a stellar combo of dance and dubstep (with a smattering of ethnicity) that is repetitive enough to be infectious, but not so much – with the language and music variations – that it irritates. Of course, Sofia’s ability to sing the s%!t out of it makes the whole thing that much more appealing, as did those awesome laser light effects. BRB…installing a set in my bedroom to spice up the décor.


#5 | Nebo vidkryi nam ochi, syl nadai ity, ya…

Nebo by Anastasia Petryk (Ukraine 2012)

Ukraine couldn’t have attempted a back-to-back win without Anastasia winning for them in the first place (duh). She gave the fairly successful JESC competitor their first victory in the comp, performing her dubstep number with an intensity beyond her years (and giving us all nightmares in which deceptively adorable little girls with long blonde hair strangle us to death). She topped the scoreboard easily, which I didn’t see coming at the time, but which made me go YAAAAAAAAASSSSS because I loved (and still love, obviously) Nebo.


#4 | När vi går tillsammans framåt, för det är dit vi ska…

Det Är Dit Vi Ska by Eliias (Sweden 2013)

Opening last year’s show in Kiev was Eliias, whose top-notch track was unfortunately blighted by the Curse of Puberty (also suffered by Macedonia’s Dorijan in 2011). Untimely voice breakages aside, it made an excellent starter. It’s got competency and catchiness, and strikes the perfect balance between mature and youthful that always has me supporting Sweden in Junior. Bravo, DADVS (because ain’t nobody got time to type that title out more than once).


#3 | Ik kijk heel diep in zijn ogen, en zie duizend regenbogen…

Zo Verliefd (Yodelo) by Laura (Belgium 2009)

Once upon a time, this was my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE JESC ENTRY WOOHOO. Although Laura has fallen a little in my estimations over the years, I still find her yodel-fest irresistible. It’s the kind of song that can drag you out of even the most serious funk faster than anything else, according to my recent and extremely unscientific studies. So if you’re feeling a little yode-low, take my advice and pipe this down your ear canals, stat.


#2 | Inch anem, chgitem, vor na, indz barev ta ev imana…

Mama by Vladimir Arzumanyan (Armenia 2010)

Borrowing Kalomoira’s giant storybook paid off for the Armenian delegation in Minsk. Vlad snatched the trophy from the Russian duo’s overly-cheery jazz hands thanks to that prop. Oh, and his awesome song! Mama is like a fine wine, except rather than getting better with age, it stays as epic as it always was (my apologies for using alcohol to describe a song written by a 12-year-old). This is ethno-pop at its finest, people, and anyone who disagrees…well, is perfectly within their rights to do so. But the statuette that I assume takes pride of place on Vlad’s awards shelf suggests otherwise.


And now, the best entry to have graced JESC in my blogging life…


#1 | Är det någonting alla kan få, om jag ramlar tar du emot mig då…

Du by Mimmi Sandén (Sweden 2009)

Yeah, yeah, it’s another Swedish one. Get over it! You would have seen this coming anyway if you read my all-time top 10 list. All three Sandén sisters have been uh-mayzing on their Junior outings, but Mimmi is the only one eligible to make this list and despite my love for Molly’s Det Finaste, she usually comes out on top in any case. Du, again, is a song that could hold its own in adult Eurovision; and yet, the electro/r & b sound contrasted nicely with the younger-sounding entries from Russia and the Netherlands, for example. To sum up, Du = perfection in a sequined miniskirt.


EBJ extras: Allt Jag Vill Ha by Josefine Ridell (Sweden 2010); Supergeroy by Ivan Ivanov (Bulgaria 2011); Teenager by Rachel (Netherlands 2011); Kak Romeo I Dzhulyetta by Katya Ryabova (Russia 2011); Abracadabra by Fabian (Belgium 2012); Poy So Mnoy by Ilya Volkov (Belarus 2013).


That’s all for today, ladies and gents of the Junior persuasion. I hope you got some enjoyment out of this trip down memory lane (or flight, or whatever mode of transport I used to describe what is really just a list of words in the intro) and that you’re ready to share your own preferences below. If you’re also on Team Junior, what have been your favourite JESC entries from 2009 until now?



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7 Responses to “EBJ turns FIVE!! | My top 10 JESC entries of Era EBJ”

  1. Ali Nella Houd

    And, if the latter, then the role of Jaz would be played by … Sanna? Ivi Adamou? Alessandra Drusian? Or a character actress, like Tijana?


  2. Ali Nella Houd

    I do appreciate your restraint, J, thanks.

    But it would make quite a newsflash …

    “… And, in breaking news, medical authorities from several countries have reported that up to 73 people are feared to have died after they were exposed to the recently revamped Eurovision blogsite, Eurovision by Jaz. There are unconfirmed reports that the deaths resulted from an outbreak of ‘Euro blog-gasm’, a rare but sudden and often fatal condition, previously only found to occur in the month of May. In a brief statement, a spokesperson for the blog site said: ‘Whilst all such subscriber expirations are to be regretted, they all knew the risks involved, and died doing what they loved, following their EBJ passion. Or, as Verka would say, “OK, heppy end”.’ The blogsite has now been suspended, and is under investigation by the CIA as a possible new weapon of mass destruction.”

    The question would then be: who would make the movie of the ‘outbreak’? — Oliver Stone, or Trey Parker?



    • Jaz

      Oh my gosh…a girl can dream of hearing a newscast like that. I wouldn’t even be sorry, to be honest! As you say, the victims would have died doing smething they loved (hopefully) XD

      When it comes to the movie, I guess it depends on whether a musical reenactment feat. marionettes is the right way to go or not…but if it’s live action I would of course demand an ensemble cast made up purely of Eurovision acts.


  3. Ali Nella Houd

    Oh, and BTWay:

    ‘A sexy new look for this here blog …’?



    Please, J — Be fair. Be reasonable.

    This here blog is already waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too s3xy.



    • Jaz

      Then let’s say a ‘different’ look is in the offing…just as sexy without being OTT. At least, that’s the hope. I don’t want to cause any deaths by Euro blog-gasm!!


  4. Ali Nella Houd

    [Eyes tightly shut, fingers firmly in ears.].


  5. Annika

    Hi Jaz! Long time not seen 😛

    Happy blog birthday!!! And congrats on 5 years! That’s a lot of time and dedication and it’s really admirable 😀
    I’m sooo excited about the returns and debuts for this years JESC 😀
    As for your list: well, I have Laura, Lova and Sophia on mine as well. Vladimir and Ellias were almost on it (there are too many good songs!!).
    Mimmi is a great singer but I’m not a big fan of the song (but I won’t say anything negative about it because it;s your blog’s birthday and I don’t want to be rude :P)
    Rafael’s and Anastasia’s songs have grown on me a lot. Their live performances were very convincing…but I don’t think they’ll ever be in one of my top 10 list thingies ever..unless it’s top 10 scariest JESC kids, Anastasia would be there for sure 😛 [is that mean? 😦 ]
    Same for candy, actually…well, except the scary part.
    I actually dislike Faller a lot, but I have said a lot of mean things already, so I’m just going shut up and leave you my list of favorite JESC entries from 2009 to 2013

    10.Sofia Tarasova- We are one: I’m still really annoyed this lost to “the start” tbh
    9. Kristall- Europe
    8. Laura Omloop- Zo Verliefd
    7. Katya Ryabova- Malenky Prints
    6. Ilya Volkov- Poy so mnoy
    5. Lova Sönnerbo – Mitt mod: the lyrics to this might be my favorite in the history of JESC (I’m also ~10 years older than Lova but whatever :P)
    4. Lerika- No, no: I loved her performance!
    3. Rachel- Teenager: you say that you’re ok with candy winning in 2011..well I’m not 😛
    2. Sonja Škorić – Čarobna noć: I have a Balkan bias and everyone knows it 😛 but really this song is beautiful and so well performed. One of my all time faves.
    1. Nicole Azzopardi- Knock knock boom boom: also one of my all time faves. It reminds me of the first years of JESC.



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