EBJ TURNS FIVE! | My top 10 entries since the blog began

Yes. Oui. Totes. Five years ago today (a.k.a. five years ago on June 27th…nobody reads this blog for its timeliness) I uploaded my very first and probably most cringeworthy post.

The story goes that back in 2009, having been forced to create a blog at uni, I decided to start one in the wake of the spectacular Moscow show that wouldn’t feature boring analyses of design theories. It would instead be about said Russian extravaganza, plus all the contests that had come before it and that we were yet to experience. I had been a grade-A Eurovision freak for four years prior, so I had a LOT of feels to express in the form of (hopefully) witty articles, lists, reviews and the like. So, keen to unload, I picked a blog theme that I thought was super sexy at the time, settled on Eurovision By Jaz as my nom de plume because I clearly wasn’t feeling overly creative, and got typing.

Fast forward half a decade, and I’m still here, whether you like it or not! EBJ may not be as wildly popular as certain other blogs that began after it (I’m not bitter…) but it has at least one regular reader (not including myself) and it has given me the opportunity to write for and be interviewed by other Eurovision websites, centre my life around Eurovision almost as much as I’d ideally like to, and connect with peeps in the Eurovision community from all over the world.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth putting in all the effort that I do – most of the time – to make EBJ a place that people want to come to; a place that treats the contest with the respect it deserves without taking it too seriously (i.e. I like to make funnies). Then I’ll get a comment or message from someone who not only read but also enjoyed one of my posts, or who just wants to lavish some love on the blog in general, and I remember why I’ve lasted this long and why I always want EBJ to be the best it can be (even if that’s mediocre). So to anyone who’s ever done that and made my day, or anyone who’s more of a silent type but who read something I’d written from start to finish, thank you/merci/grazie/tack/danke schön. My appreciation is like, THIS big (obviously you can’t see me right now, but I’m stretching my arms out extra wide).

EBJ Turns 5!!!

Sorry for the cheese. I just wanted my 5th anniversary/birthday to come with a heartfelt speech, as all milestone celebrations should. Now it’s out of my system, I can tell you how I plan on marking this event, a month overdue. Today’s post will be the first of five to look back on all the contests I have witnessed as a blogger, from Oslo 2010 to Copenhagen 2014. I wanted to pick out some of the bests and worsts during this period that have made it memorable, and not just in terms of music.

I’m beginning in a pretty predictable place, but as I’ve only established my top 10 ESC entries of all time, not from a particular span of time, I figured it would be interesting for me and for you (anyone not interested wouldn’t be reading this, right?) if I sussed out which entries of the Years EBJ I really love most. So I did. Yeaahh.

These are my top 10 Eurovision songs that were selected and sent in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014. While you check them out, I’ll be deliberating over whetheror not to go all the way down Pathetic Street and bake myself a party cake (which I wouldn’t be doing with the help of Aarzemnieki since they’ve got like, NO clue at all). Enjoy?!?


#10 | I know that if the sky would fall, I’d survive it all, because of you…

You by Robin Stjernberg (Sweden 2013)

Melodifestivalen, my most beloved national final in the land, was pretty rubbish last year. Understandably rubbish – after all, hosts Sweden had no desire to win on home soil. I’m betting all they wanted was not to be embarrassed in front of millions of people. There were two or three (five at a push) entries in Melfest ’13 that would have granted them that wish, and underdog Robin’s You was one of them. I love this song because it’s a different and interesting pop song, plus a perfect platform to show off Mr. Stjernberg’s epic range. It has an authenticity to it that the more relaxed attitude towards host entries gives, and while that didn’t catapult it to success, it gave Sweden a respectable enough placing sans embarrassment.


#9 | Nije ljubav stvar, da bih ti je vratio…

Nije Ljubav Stvar by Željko Joksimović (Serbia 2012)

The day that Željko – the man behind my all-time ESC favourite Lane Moje – was announced as Serbia’s representative for Baku was one of the happiest I can remember (sad, I know). It was always going to be difficult for him to meet the standard he’d set on multiple past occasions with his second entry as artist/composer, and I have to admit, Lane Moje reigned supreme. But Nije Ljubav Stvar is a stunner of a Balkan ballad (a genre I am partial to) that puts as much emphasis on instrumentation as it does on lyrics, and slow-burns to an impressive crescendo. It is as mysteriously beautiful as everything ZJ produces. How about getting Serbia back in the game for show #60, my man?


#8 | Între soare si ploi se nasc mii di culori, dar noi vedem doar nori…

O Mie by Aliona Moon (Moldova 2013)

As much as I mourned the loss of the line ‘The Maya were not so wrong, it’s the end of the world…’ the Romanian version of this entry is lovely (and far less questionable, grammar-wise). Even if it was in Klingon I would love it. Who would have guessed that Pasha Parfeny of the trumpets and leather aprons could compose such an elegant, classy and ultimately explosive – in a good way – ballad? Not to mention appear onstage with Aliona and resist the temptation to do any ridiculous dancing. Props to you, Pasha.


#7 | I don’t know where to run from reality…

Love In Rewind by Dino Merlin (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2011)

Here’s another man from the Balkans who impressed me once at Eurovision prior to doing it again years later. A younger, partnered-up Dino who was yet to discover the joys of a tartan jacket performed Putnici in Jerusalem, which I’ve always found intriguing (Balkan artists do mystery better than Agatha Christie). It wasn’t a ‘typical’ ESC song, and neither was Love In Rewind, which Dino brought to the table in Düsseldorf. It’s not an easy song to describe, but I can pick out the elements that made me fall in love with it – for example, its charm, ethnicity, bouncy tempo and all-round infectiousness. The only unfortunate thing is I suspect the success of a man on the wrong side of young and fresh might have given the BBC the idea of recruiting Engelbert.


#6 | Undo my sad, undo what hurts so bad…

Undo by Sanna Nielsen (Sweden 2014)

Yeah, this is happening. Accept it. My love for Queen Sanna should have been apparent to y’all way before this point, so I’m sure you won’t mind my gushing just a teensy bit more re: Undo. The fact that I was invested in this woman before she even cropped up for stab seven in Melfest, flipped out when she won and cried when she debuted in the first semi in Copenhagen = a slight bias, but I genuinely believe Undo is her best effort to get to Eurovision – and hey, it worked! While some call it clinical and cliché, the tinkling piano, electronic influences and Sanna’s crystal-clear vocal gets me every time. And despite my role as a senior sergeant in the Grammar Police, I will be using ‘undo my sad’ as a legitimate phrase on a regular basis.


#5 | Che da sempre sei per me l’essenziale…

L’Essenziale by Marco Mengoni (Italy 2013)

I throw the word ‘catchy’ around a lot when describing songs I like, because it’s a heavily-weighted piece of criteria for me. I don’t often get all deep and meaningful with ‘emotional connections’ and stuff like that. However, I get the big-time feels from the (probably unreliable internet) translation of this classy Italian number. Italy has put forward four very different but equally worthy entries since they made their big comeback, but this is the one I’ve loved most because not only is it catchy (in a down-tempo, arm-waving kinda way) but I connect with it on that emotional level. #obscureyetcheesy.


#4 | I’m done tipping on my toes…

This Is My Life by Anna Bergendahl (Sweden 2010)

You don’t need a magnifying glass to see why this didn’t qualify based on the performance – and yet, I still weep a little inside whenever I think about it (while wearing my Anna-brand party dress and Converse in a poor imitation). I LOVE this song. Lyrically, it makes no sense, but it just sounds so pretty, and Anna’s voice has a huskiness to it that makes it rough around the edges – a.k.a. less cookie-cutter than some other Swedish entries. I can see why so many people thought it had a winning chance.


#3 | Ne jednom, ne dvaput, tri puta me…

Ovo Je Balkan by Milan Stanković (Serbia 2010)

I feel like this should be a guilty pleasure, but at the same time I’m not embarrassed to proclaim my love to the world (my 2010 crush on Milan and his ridiculous haircut, however, MUST stay between you and me). How could anyone resist those trumpets and Balkan Balkan Balkans? NOT ME!! Everything about this is fun and loud and effortlessly ethnic…in fact, it really speaks for itself.


#2 | Mert nekem nincs most más, csak a kedvesem, az én kedvesem…

Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix) by ByeAlex (Hungary 2013)

Hungary is fast becoming one of my favourite competitors, and a country I’m watching based on suspicions that a Eurovision in Budapest ain’t too far away. Since they joined Italy in making a 2011 comeback, it’s been bam after bam after bam (the bams of course representing quality entries) and for me, nothing bammed more than last year’s Kedvesem. It packs a quiet punch, but the extra impact given by the Zoohacker remix – as beautiful as ByeAlex’s original version is – is undeniable. It was love at first listen for me and this unique masterpiece.


#1 | Sa kuula, ka südamel on hääl…

Kuula by Ott Lepland (Estonia 2012)

I didn’t know quite how enamoured I was with this until I couldn’t rank anything above it – at least, nothing from 2010 onwards. And before you say it, no, my judgment has not been clouded by my unconditional, unwavering and as yet unrequited love for Ott (believe me, one of these days you will be calling me Mrs. Lepland). To some, Kuula is dull, but to me, it’s a stunner that shows off both Ott’s epic vocal capabilities and the beauty of the Estonian language. I love that it ends where it begins: softly, having built up to a crescendo in-between. Just…sigh.


So now you know which songs have made me the happiest kind of fan since EBJ got off the ground, whether you wanted to or not (mwahahaha). As your birthday gift, try not to object to my taste too aggressively when you tell me your top songs from recent history down below.

The next post in my 5th anniversary series will naturally cover the entries that make me want to rip my ears off, or at least plug them up with whatever’s lying around, so look out for that. I promise the gaps between postings will become less mahusive from now on.

Thanks again for being here, whether you’ve stuck by me for years or you’re a newbie who’s yet to realise what you’ve got yourself in for. Viva la ESC ramblings!


Until next time…




12 Responses to “EBJ TURNS FIVE! | My top 10 entries since the blog began”

  1. Nick P.

    Jaz! *commence despondent wailing at missing this post by a week* I promise I’ll try to be a more regular reader! *recommences caterwauling*

    CONGRATS on five years! 😀 That’s so massively and wonderfully exciting! Your blog was the first that I ever commented on in the Eurovision sphere, so it’ll always keep a special place in my heart. 🙂

    I love songs 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 10 in your list, but only some of them make it onto my list. 😉 My personal list since 2010 (omg, I’ve been around long enough to deeply know five contests, when did that happen? Lol 😛 ) would look like this:

    10th place – “In Love for A While” – Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland 2011)
    9th – “Coming Home” – Sjónni’s Friends (Iceland 2011)
    8th – “In A Moment Like This” – Chanée & n’evergreen (Denmark 2010)
    7th – “You” – Robin Stjernberg (Sweden 2013)
    6th – “Euphoria” – Loreen (Sweden 2012)
    5th – “You and Me” – Joan Franka (The Netherlands 2012)
    4th – “Satellite” – Lena (Germany 2010)
    3rd – “Calm After the Storm” – The Common Linnets (The Netherlands 2014)
    2nd – “Something Better” – Softengine (Finland 2014)
    1st – “Kedvesem” – ByeAlex (Hungary 2013)

    God, I did that in a stupid way. Whittling each year’s top 10 down to two. There were some very painful cuts that had to be made (Cyprus 2010, Denmark 2012, Spain 2013). ;( But anyway, a list is a list.

    Aside from that little mess, I’m so happy for you again and here’s to five more years! 😀


    • Jaz

      No caterwauling necessary, Nicholas!! I am hopeless at getting posts out on time, so I have nothing against anyone who’s late to any of the parties I may throw over here. Heck, this celebratory post came a month out of date. My bad.

      Thanks for the blogday wishes, and of course for commenting and reading for what seems likes ages now! Make it obvious when your blog reaches a milestone and I will be sure to return the favour. BTW, I hope ‘The Winner Is…’ will be resuming in the near future. I for one wil be looking out for it 😀

      With regards to your list (for I have to have my two cents on everything whether you want it or not):

      10 – Poor Anna. Last in the Eurovision final, and now lowest-ranked in your top 10 😥 JOKES!! This is a step up for her!

      9 – Aww yeah. Still love this. Though the Icelandic version (as they always do) remains the best IMO.

      8 – You may or may not know that I really dislike this (Bryan Rice should have won DMGP and I am still not over it!!). But each to their own. How would us ESC fans ever argue if we all liked the same stuff?

      6 – *nods approvingly*

      5 – *nods not-so-approvingly because she never really connected with this*

      2 – I actually see where you’re coming from now. My eyes have been opened, just like Topi’s finally were after the first rehearsal. Cue boom tish and smattering of applause.

      1 – I knew I liked you for a reason. KEDVESEM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

      Sorry to make you do something so painful. ESC-related whittling can be so freaking difficult. Some songs are like children, and you don’t want to give them up…until you finally decide that there are other children of yours you prefer.

      Here’s to five more years indeed *clinks glass* 😀


  2. Ali Nella Houd

    Further to my earler comments: Jazzy, o Jazzy – I cannot smear enough honey-like praise on your gorgeous and seminal blogsite, so I am not even going to try.

    Instead I’ll just say congrats on your first 5 years, and may there be 50 more … !

    … as long as ESC hasn’t in the meantime degenerated too far towards the global morass predicted by the ultimately abandoned “ESC 2075” segment (q.v.), which had been intended to be shown as the half-time act at one of the 2014 semi-finals – Yikes!

    Ok, so, this Best-of-2010-to-2014 (@amybbuzz – you owe us five more from the actual EBJ era!) was an iteresting exercise, particularly seeing which ones I still value most in a ‘desert-island-disc’ kind of way.

    Not any easy undertaking. There were many I had ranked higher at the time, and still have huge fondness for, but which have over time developed a slight patina of ‘meh’, e.g. Getter Jaani’s Rockefeller Street (Estonia 2011), Gianluca Bezzina’s Tomorrow (Malta 2013),and — for its ‘flawless Eurovision-ese’ (although with a botched live presentation and performance) Emmy’s ‘Boom Boom’ (Armenia, 2011).

    Anyhoo, for the ones that have survived better, here goes:

    #10 – “Eastern European Funk”, InCulto, Lithuania, 2010.

    #09 – “Kuula”, Ott Leppland, Estonia, 2012. (I preferred the earlier versions to the final live one; the latter was snazzed up in a way that detracted a bit from its pure simplicity.)

    #08 – “You and Me”, Joan Franka, Netherlands, 2012.

    #07 – “Hunter of Stars”, Sebalter, Switzerland, 2014.

    #06 – “Tyoelki ellaeae” – not sure how to put the umlauts in here, so have just used ‘e’s (i.e. the letter!) – Kuunkuiskaajat, Finland, 2010.

    #05 – “Kedvesem”, ByeAlex, Hungary, 2013.

    #04 – “Da da dam”, Paradise Oskar, Finland, 2011. BTW, ever thought what actually happened to “our young Peter” in the song? He promised he wasn’t “coming back” until the planet was saved, implying that he actually never did come back, and all that the likes of P Oskar (and the rest of us) are able to do is follow in his (doomed?) footsteps (singing … ). It all adds a bit of (unintended?) poignancy and profundity. (Or perhaps one shouldn’t think too hard about theses things … !)

    #03 – “Love in Rewind”, Dino Merlin, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2011.

    #02 – “Lost and Forgotten”, Peter Nalitch & Friends, Russia, 2010.

    #01 – “Birds”, Anouk, The Netherlands, 2013.

    Alas, couldn’t quite fit Milan and his trumpet riff in, sorry Jaz. BTW, at the 2010 Final (unfortunately, my only ever attendance at a live ESC Final thus far), I found myself next to a serious young Serb (SYS), who was wracked with barely disguised revulsion when Milan Stankovic came on, whereas yours truly found himself unable to resist jumping up to bougez the ol’ tuchas! (Turns out the young man’s favourite that year was … Spain!! Go figure.)

    Now, if the time range had extended to 2009, well, it “would have been necessary” to include another classic: Patricia Kaas, Et S’il Fallait Le Faire’, which I think will continue to rise in estimation in the all-time ESC pantheon. (Try to imagine a cover version of it by, say, Tom Waits!)

    Thanks (I think) Jaz, for challenging us to do this. And Long Live EBJ!




    • Jaz

      That’s quite a compliment you have given me there. That’s one to tell the grandchildren! Thankyou very much 😀 Assuming you were serious…

      I totally understand your appreciation for some entries turning into feelings of ‘meh’ over time. It must happen to all of us. To comment on your list of survivors:

      #10 – Yaaasss. Lithuania is cursed with DNQs when they send something awesome, and squeezing through when they’ve left a lot to be desired (albeit in my personal opinion). The draw InCulto got can’t have helped, but…sadface.

      #8 – Never got this, but I’m always glad to see that people are fond of recent Dutch entries (the rather popular efforts of 2013 and 2014 aside).

      #4 – I guess Peter’s fate is open to interpretation! If I happen to run into Paradise Oskar on the street (just a tad unlikely) I will be sure to ask him for clarification.

      #2 – Interesting. I have a sneaking regard for it, though I remember thinking ‘What the actual eff?’ when it was initially chosen. And being extremely shocked when it qualified.

      #1 – Again, didn’t quite get the fuss, but I am thrilled that the Netherlands have found something of a formula for success. I thought Anouk looked great, so I was mainly fousing on her cool earring and necklace and boots, etc. Sorry, not sorry!

      I wonder if that SYS changed his tune (so to speak) when Milan beat Daniel?? Perhaps that made him even more embarrassed. I’d say the only questionable thing about Serbia 2010 was THAT HAIRCUT, which took the bowl look to new levels of bowlness. I even loved those bubble-wrap dresses the backup girls had on. The moral of the story, folks, is that office supplies are only limited by your imagination (and willingness to wear them in public).

      Thanks again for your kind words and for taking the time to accept my implied challenge!! There will be many more to come…MWAHAHAHAHA.


  3. wschmidt1206

    Hej Jaz,

    first of all and most importantly:

    CONGRATULATIONS to incredible 5 years of EBJ!!! How time flies …

    EBJ may not always be the fastest blog, but it’s the best Eurovision blog on this planet ;-)!
    Ever since I discovered EBJ in 2012 I love and enjoy reading it. And the reason why I love reading EBJ is that it is passionately written with a “slightly funny accent”. So please keep on writing and all the best for the next 5 years of EBJ from another “regular reader” ;-)!
    Thank you so much for your brilliant work!

    But now on with my favourite 10 songs since your blog began; so here we go:

    #10: Dino Merlin – Love in rewind (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2011)
    #9: Sanna Nielsen – Undo (Sweden 2014)
    #8: Marco Mengoni – L’essenziale (Italy 2013)
    #7: Zeljko Joksimovic – Nije ljubav stvar (Serbia 2012)
    #6: The Common Linnets – Calm after the storm (Netherlands 2014)
    #5: Zlata Ognevich – Gravity (Ukraine 2013)
    #4: Lena – Satellite (Germany 2010)
    #3: Amaury Vassily – Sognu (France 2011)
    #2: Loreen – Euphoria (Sweden 2012)

    And my favourite Eurovision song from the past 5 years goes to Belgium:

    #1: Tome Dice – Me and my guitar (Belgium 2010)

    I also share the love to Anna Bergendahl’s “This is my life” with you! To me that was the biggest shocker of the past 5 years to see her not qualifying in Oslo which was a really sad Eurovision moment :’-)!

    What better entry could I end with than with this British entry from the good old Eurovision days:

    I think “Silvia Night” is just inappropriate for this celebration (hahaha!).

    Read you soon and keep on blogging,

    Wolfgang 🙂


    • Jaz

      Wolfgang!! Hello!! I swear I will be sending an email your way in the very near future. In the meantime, I’m happy to hear from you here again 🙂

      Danke for your well-wishes and praise – I appreciate all of it so much!! The fact that more than one person reads what I write is amazing to me, haha!

      So we share a love for quite a few songs from recent years. I can’t fault your taste. I am very happy to see Sanna, Marco and Zlata (who just missed out on making my top 10) up there with your favourites! Though I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about Me And My Guitar. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I find it a bit boring. Still, it got a great result for Belgium and it did that standing alone as a song, without any bells and whistles.

      Thanks for the Cliff Richard 🙂 I would have been okay with Silvia, but you made the more respectable choice!


  4. amybbuzz

    Tusen takk EBJ! I discovered this blog less than two months ago, but I daresay it is my favorite. A splendid combination of panache, verve, and as you say, respect without being overwhelming serious. Well done. I hope you got a high mark for the uni project.

    100% echoing my thoughts with Aliona Moon, Anna Bergendahl, ByeAlex and sweet Milan!

    I’m glad someone else has noticed the burgeoning contention of Italy and, especially, Hungary. I thought this year that it wouldn’t long before Budapest is hosting ESC. Andras was my favorite of 2014. Emma provoked great anticipation for her performance, as I gathered she’d have a similar stage presence as Nina Zilli. Then I watched, stupefied, as Emma hit rock bottom complete with clinging for life (or so it seemed) to the stage.

    Top 10 List

    1-I Feed You My Love (Norway 2013)

    After the otherworldly Miss Berger I cannot, in good conscience, rank them 2-10 but suffice to say they receive fond thoughts.

    Mojot svet (FYRM 2007)
    Zaleilah (Romania 2012)
    Quedate Conmigo (Spain 2012)
    Randajad (Estonia 2009)
    Fairytale (Norway 2009)
    Shady Lady (Ukraine 2008)
    Miss Kiss Kiss Bang (Germany 2009)
    Shine (Austria 2013)
    Cheesecake (Belarus 2014)
    *Only time I have ever liked anything cheesecake related. It takes a special man to do that.

    Feliz Cumpleanos EBJ!


    • Jaz

      Thanks so much for your kind words!! I can’t remember how the assignment went, but I’m glad I chose that option as it got me where I am today (jeez, what is this…an Academy Awards acceptance speech?? Shut up Jaz!).

      I’m excited to see what A Dal has in store for us next year. Although the Hungary = future winner thing is just a feeling, I hope it happens, especially since I may actually be able to attend a live ESC in 2016 and beyond and I REALLY want to visit Hungary. Convenient much??

      Things didn’t go quite right for Emma, did they? I guess that crowd-rousing shout she attempted right at the start that failed thanks to a tech issue was a sign of things to come. Hers wasn’t a trainwreck performance IMO, but I think we all knew Italy were out of top 10 contention by the time it was over!! We also knew that Emma likes shiny underwear. Hey, why not coordinate your smalls with the bling on your outfit??

      I see a lot I like on your list! Zaleilah just missed my cut. I also have serious love for Spain 2013, Estonia 2009 and Germany 2009. MKKB was so underrated.

      Are you saying that you don’t like cheesecake?? Whaaaaaaattttt….

      Merci once more for reading and well-wishing 😀


  5. jamessayeresc

    *makes formal entry into the contest to win title of “one regular reader” :P*

    Happy birthday to EBJ 😀 And thanks for all the interesting posts and other assorted ramblings over the years – reading your blog always puts a smile on my face 😛

    I love how many awesome Balkan songs are in your top ten 😀 And Mr. Mengoni of course *swoon* … As for my favourite entries from the first five years of the EBJ era… oooh, difficult… think I’d maybe go for –

    1 – Horehronie (Slovakia 2010)
    2 – Gravity (Ukraine 2013)
    3 – Suus (Albania 2012)
    4 – När Jag Blundar (Finland 2012)
    5 – Calm After The Storm (NL 2014)
    6 – You (Sweden 2013)
    7 – Satellite (Germany 2010)
    8 – Zaleilah (Romania 2012)
    9 – Something Better (Finland 2014)
    10 – Igranka (Montenegro 2013) / L’Essenziale (Italy 2013) [AGH CHOICES]

    Not necessarily my ten favourite songs, but they’re the ones which have left the biggest impact on me so yey :3


    • Jaz

      Well, it seems there may be more than one regular reader (#winning) but you can have the prize anyway! The prize is the privilege of continuing to read my posts. Woohoo??

      Thankyou for the blogday/birthEBJday/whatevahhh wishes!! I hope I keep that smile in place for many years to come. Or just several…no pressure. And know that the effect is mutual re: your equally fabulous blog, even if I don’t comment on it as much as I should. My mid-late year’s resolution is hereby to rectify that, because I am always reading it!

      So, we will be fighting over Marco then, will we?? BRING IT ON!!! Though I have to say, if we’re mid-brawl and Ott Lepland appears out of nowhere to take me on a romantic trip to the emergency room, you may have Mr. Mengoni. I actually think you two would make a cute couple.

      I like your list!! Good choices. Your numbers 2, 4, 8 and 10 (Igranka, obvs) narrowly missed out on making mine. Also glad to see someone else appreciates (or at least was impacted by) Suus 🙂 And on that note, I’m off to make myself some CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIII.


  6. alinellahoud

    Great choices, IMO, Jaz – esp. Dino, Ott, and ByeAlex. Also high amongst my faves of the EBJ Era are Lost and Forgotten, by Peter Nalitch and Friends (Russia 2010), and, from this year. Sebalter.



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