So much to talk about.

On the logo, I’ve warmed to it a bit but I’m still not totally convinced. On one hand, I can see them doing ÜBER cool stuff with light and prisms during the show. I also love the color scheme. However, the hashtag is slowly #stealingmysoul and it just feels a lot like last year’s identity #oldschool, with the same font; everything is #beentheredonethat. As long as they don’t take the diamond #shinebright too literally, #2014 should be a good year #happynewyear for Eurovision, visually, at least. #purple4lyfe #designerprobs #sarcasm

Aurally, Ukraine got us off to a pretty awful start. Like you, I got winning vibes from “Tick-Tock” right after hearing it for the first time at approximately 5:00 in the morning. However, I still can’t get past the opening line as a pinnacle of nasty. The rest of the song and the singer herself don’t really do anything for me either. After the eyelids settled, I went back and Anatoly, Illaria, and Victoria emerged as a few of my favorites. However, my smash winner and first total gem of the season is Tetyana. The song is stunning and the dark atmosphere, especially after two Disney songs and a soccer anthem, is such a change of pace and probably would’ve been the least flashy entry ever for Ukraine, just beating out “Sweet People.” 🙂