Welcome to Junior Eurovision month! JESC Challenge 1, 2 and 3

As they often do, the title of this post pretty much says it all. This is November, and from now until December 3rd, EBJ will be bombarding you with so much Junior Eurovision-related fun that you may need a holiday afterwards. Perhaps one to Yerevan? You know, where JESC 2011 will be in JUST FIVE WEEKS?

Excuse me, I’m a little over-excited, because on the agenda today is the 30 Day JESC Challenge, the brainchild of Annika from Sternenstaub (check out her site —–>) who also put me on to the 20 Day Eurovision Song Challenge that I completed recently (check that out from here: https://eurovisionbyjaz.wordpress.com/2011/08/28/eurovision-challenge-day-1/). For the uninitiated, both of these challenges are meant for Facebook, and they are a series of questions that are to be answered each day – but as it turns out, it’s a great blog filler to post them..well, on your blog, obviously. So here we are. With so much of my own JESC stuff to post for you this month, I’ve decided to combine the 30 installments into 8, and right here, right now, it’s Days 1-3! Here we go…


Day 1: Winner of the first JESC you watched

Vesenniy Jazz by the Tolmachevy Twins (Russia 2006)


You always remember your first! Although I have to confess that what I really remember most vividly about my first JESC is not the twins, but ‘Harry Potter, Spiderman!’ – thanks for the memories, Romania. In spite of that, I still listen to the twins’ winner today. In fact, any Eurovision song performed by twins seems to appeal to me.


Day 2: Least favourite winner

Bzz… by Bzikebi (Georgia 2008)


No contest (pardon the pun), this is my most despised. Its what I Wanna by Marie N is to big Eurovision: the most WTF winner of all time. Sure, they’re bees, and they’re buzzing about the stage and oh, it’s lovely…but my god, if I had a human-sized fly swat (and had happened to be in Cyprus at the time) I would have been forced to use it, just for some peace and quiet! Can this really be classified as a song?


Day 3: Favourite winner

Almost there: Antes Muerta Que Sencilla by Maria Isabel (Spain 2004) / Mama by Vladimir Arzumanyan (Armenia 2010)

But my favourite is: Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav by Dino Jelusić (Croatia 2003)

The original and the best, in my opinion. How anyone can write songs this good when they are eleven is a mystery to me; I have written my fair share of musical, ahem, masterpieces, and none of them compare. Ti Si has it all – the up-tempo that kicks in, a key change, AND a garish jacket! Though I have to say, there is something off about Croatia’s intro postcard. Was JESC encouraging kids to commit criminal activities (like stealing dogs) or what? Dino certainly stole a few hearts (another pun! I do apologise) as the first ever  winner.


That’s it for today folks. But believe me, there’s plenty more to come…

THIS WEEK: Part 1 of my 2011 song reviews, and The Challenge: 4, 5, 6 and 7!


7 Responses to “Welcome to Junior Eurovision month! JESC Challenge 1, 2 and 3”

  1. Dara

    I SO agree about the Bzikebi/Marie N thing. Except I kind of like Bzikebi, but OH MY GOD MARIE N SUCKS. Sorry, had to say it 😛 Worst winner ever. They’re wasps btw, not bees 😛


    • Jaz

      Wasps…my bad. No matter what kind of bugs they were they were super duper annoying!!!
      Should I print us T-shirts with “I hate Marie N” on them???


        • Jaz

          Okay, Marie N on the front, and Running Scared on the back. I’m not sure the Azerbaijanis will take too kindly to the latter. But I have to agree with the sentiment…



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