QUIZ TIME!!! From Eurovision with love…

I think this weekend is as good a weekend as any other to celebrate one of the less lauded, but actually quite awesome aspects of the ESC: the postcards!

‘Is it?’ I can hear you saying. Well, yes. Why not? The obligatory pre-song vignettes have really come into their own in recent years, and you can’t tell me that each host country doesn’t try to top the last where they’re concerned!

You might be a big fan of the postcards, or you might rather watch Switzerland’s performance in the 2004 contest 563 times in a row (what is wrong with you?) but in either case, why not have a go at this little quiz I’ve prepared for you?

I’m currently ranking my favourite postcards from the last ten years for my next post, but in the meantime…can you guess which year brought us these? Some are easy, but others might stump you.

(Psst…your options are the years 2000-2011)




1. 2005/ 2. 2009/ 3. 2002/ 4. 2007/ 5. 2010/ 6. 2003/ 7. 2008/ 8. 2004/9. 2000/ 10. 2011/ 11. 2006/ 12. 2001

How did you do?


3 Responses to “QUIZ TIME!!! From Eurovision with love…”

  1. tranYe Schlager

    Hey! Leave Switzerland 2004 alone! Its one of my favourites of that year – if only because the guy manages to smack himself in the head with the microphone… I also love the postcards, I think theyre getting better every year!


    • Jaz

      I never noticed the microphone-head collision, may have to go back and check it out (with the volume off, of course…)

      Go the postcards!!!



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