Eurovision Challenge: Day 9

The most memorable performance

Almost there:

Sweden 1974 (Waterloo by ABBA)

Spain 1990 (Bandido by Azucar Moreno)

United Kingdom 2003 (Cry Baby by Jemini)

Finland 2006 (Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi)

Ukraine 2009 (Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl) by Svetlana Loboda)

Spain 2010 (Algo Pequeñito by Daniel Diges)

Italy 2011 (Madness of Love by Raphael Gualazzi)


But my most memorable is:

Ukraine 2010 (Sweet People by Alyosha)

I rate this as my most memorable because it took me completely by surprise – and I’ll never forget it. It wasn’t a song I rated initially, but much like Cyprus this year, something just happened when it came to the live performance. The simplicity of Alyosha standing there, in that crazy-awesome bodysuit/dress-with-tentacles ensemble, with the wind machine and the red lights, and singing like a champion…wow. It’s definitely a performance I can’t look away from!


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