EBJ’s top 43: round 2, with some serious knockouts

The artists have landed, press conferences and rehearsals have begun, and I’m still stuck over the other side of the world looking like Kermit the Frog – green with envy for everyone who’s set foot on Düsseldorf soil. I’m keeping well away from photographic evidence of said rehearsals, as I like a surprise, and I haven’t listened to a 2011 song for…too long (in an annual ban that keeps my ears fresh for the contest broadcast). But not so long that I couldn’t put together another top 43!  

My second go is unbelievably different to my first. To save you from having to go back and check the other one to see how, I’ve bracketed the various ups and downs of each country, and on those that have made a distinctive change, provided some explanation…

EBJ’s top 43, round 2:

  1. United Kingdom(+1) – My ever-increasing love for this song (and the silly inspirational feeling I get during the chorus) coupled with my ever-increasing hunger for theUKto win has just pushed it above Latvia this time around.

    Blue celebrate after finding out they're my number one

2. Latvia(-1)

3. Sweden(+7)

4. Iceland

5. Denmark(+9)

6. Slovakia(+7)

7. Ukraine(-4)  – When I did my initial top, my ranking of Mika was based on the version of Angels she performed at the national final. The faster, screechier, English, Eurovision version has spoilt what was in my eyes an amazing ballad. Still, I haven’t the heart to knock it out of my top ten…

8. Cyprus(+7)

9. Norway(-1)

10. Ireland(-4)

11. Bosnia&Herzegovina(-2)

12. Macedonia(+23) – Even I was surprised by the leap this one made! I don’t even know why its happened – all I know is that I’m loving it. I still don’t rate Vlatko as a vocalist, however.  

13. Israel(-6)

14. Netherlands(-3)

15. Armenia(+23) – There’s another leapfrogger inArmenia. Who knew that the lyrical genius of ‘Boom boom, chaka chaka’ would win me over eventually?

16. Belarus(+6)

17. Greece(+9)

18. Italy(-1)

19. Hungary(+5)

20. Poland (-15) – Jestem was in my top five originally, and though I still have a soft spot for it (and hope Poland finally qualify for the final) I’m just finding it’s fading into the background a bit against some more exciting numbers.

21. Croatia(-9)

22. Azerbaijan(+6)

23. Estonia(-7)

24. Turkey(-6)

25. Serbia(-5)

26. Russia(+7)

27. Bulgaria(-6)

28. Romania(-3)

29. Albania(-12) – Once again, this descent can be blamed on English-language reworking. I’m proud ofPolandandSerbiafor discarding the English versions of their entries in favour of the native language ones.

30. Germany(-3)

31. Moldova(+4)

32. France(-9)

33. Austria(-2)

34. Georgia(-2)

35. Portugal(+6)

36. Slovenia(-6) – I may be abused for this, but I just don’t see the appeal inSlovenia. I certainly see Maja’s talent – she has a brilliant voice. But it’s too wannabe, 2000s Christina Aguilera for my taste.

37. San Marino(+5)

38. Finland(-2)

39. Switzerland(-2)

40. Spain(-11)

41. Belgium(-1)

42. Malta(-3)

43. Lithuania– No change here. I think this song is absolutely dreadful, and if it qualifies from its semi, I will die of shock. In a fittingly dramatic manner, of course.

One week to the first semi, and counting!

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