It’s a numbers game

Recently, as I was going on a mental tangent from what I was supposed to be doing, thinking about Eurovision (this could be any moment from my life, really…) I realised that the last four winnng songs have been short and sweet when it comes to the titles – think about it. Molitva. Believe. Fairytale. Satellite. Is there a trend happening? Or am I going mad???

Don’t answer that.

Anyway, it got me wondering about the stats of things like this. John Kennedy O’Connor in his offical ESC history book (my bible) delves into such elements as the best colour to wear if you want to win (white or red, black and white I believe), but he’s yet to look at song titles. This may be because it is a boring subject, but don’t worry anyway John, because Imma be taking care of this one for you. Let’s take a look at all the Eurovision winners and see if we should be backing a one-worder in the 2011 betting stakes:

One word: 11

Two words: 12

Three words: 17

Four words: 10

Five words or more: 8

(Just FYI, the longest winning song title is France Gall’s ‘Poupee de cire, poupee de son’, at six words and 23 letters)

Well, it looks like I was clutching at straws with that theory….but just in case, I’m gonna look out for the songs with less talk and more action (and those with three words too…) as the 2011 entries are chosen. Unbelievably, the national finals will begin soon and I can’t wait for more developments and revelations as the countdown begins to Duesseldorf at the Esprit Arena.

Please hang on for posts that are more exciting than this one! I’m on holidays soon, so my brain will be fully functioning and geared up for Eurovisionfuntimesforusall!!!

Ex oh ex.

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