Counting down the hours

Oh. Em. Gee.

There are less than three hours until the first semi final of Oslo 2010 begins on Aussie TV.

I am freaking out!!!

My lounge room will be decorated accordingly (in a minute) and I will be adorning my face with messages of the paint variety – true fact.

Just wanted to share my excitement with you all, and hope you are/did feel the same way before you settled down to watch the beginning of ESC ’10.

Hugs and x’s from a Euro-fan out of her head with happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About Jaz

I'm Jaz, I'm 27, and I'm 110% Eurovision OBSESSED. The contest is one big party and I like to keep it going 365 days a year - that's why I write about anything and everything ESC on my blog. Come join the fun, and I promise you'll never have a nul-point experience!

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    Have my reviews done justice to the entries? I’m kind of new with the whole Eurovision thing.


    • This may sound silly but I just looked at them and I’m not sure if you know who made it to the final from the second semi? As in have you listed them in that order? Only I haven’t seen the second semi yet being in Australia and have been trying to avoid any giveaways til tonight at all costs!!! So I will take a better look at your reviews post-contest!!! Having said that your UK one I totally agree with, and your reviews seem pretty accurate to me! That song actually makes me want to cry. In a bad way. For poor Josh’s sake.


      • No, I know who made it into the finals… these reviews I’ve been working on for quite some time, even before the semis.

        That’s why I really don’t know at first if I should still go reviewing the entries which didn’t qualify… but I still went on.


  2. great blog I’m a massive euro vision fan from Spain


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