Is it “too late to ‘pologise?”

I’ve just been perusing my archives and was a bit taken aback by my ‘Oslo 2010: Musical meltdown…’ etc post of February. As much as I want to go to bed now, I feel I have to briefly apologise for my harshness. I think there was a lesson in it. We all know that when you first hear a song, you may not warm to it immediately. But give it a chance and you may grow to love it. This is what happened to me with most of the songs I slammed back then (though not 100% of them), and I am now a firm believer that this IS a great Eurovision year once again. Here’s a quick re-hash of the offending post, with my compensation…or not.

FINLAND (Tyolki Ellaa, Kuunkuiskaajat)

 Then: ‘…it is bordering on bland… I fear that the Fins may find themselves at the bottom of the scoreboard once again.’

 Now: I’ve fallen a bit in love with the duo from Finland, and the song’s catchy chorus has been one of the most difficult to remove from my brain. I still don’t think it’ll go too far, but I certainly wouldn’t call it bland anymore. Forgive me, Finland?

ALBANIA (All About You, Juliana Pasha)

 Then: ‘Pasha’s modern dance/pop track is not brilliant, but not terrible either. But that is not the formula for a winning song.’

 Now: I would lean more to brilliant rather than terrible – but not too far. I also thought that Juliana should sing partly in English. Now she’s singing totally in English, which is good in a way, but I wish there was a verse in Albanian for ethnics’ sake.

ICELAND (Je Ne Sais Quoi, Hera Bjork)

 Then: ‘There’ll be no silver medal for Hera with this one.’

 Now: I agree. But the song is higher up in my ranks at this point, and I have to admit that, when home alone, I may have belted out the karaoke-friendly chorus into my broken torch. May have.

DENMARK (In A Moment Like This, Chanee & N’evergreen)

 I was nice about this one, and still feel the same. It doesn’t count!

SWITZERLAND (Il Pleut de L’or, Michael von der Heide)

 Then: ‘I’ll have to wait and see what the other semi final…nations come up with before I decide Switzerland’s likelihood of reaching the final, but at this point I would say that they may JUST miss out.’

 Now: I’m still worried that they won’t make it – but that’s coz I want them to! This song would have been more at home in Dublin 1988 but I still love it. The video clip’s pretty swish too! Let’s hope that some gold does rain down on Michael. If not the winner’s trophy kind.

CYPRUS (Life Looks Better In Spring, Jon Lilygreen & the Islanders)

 This also does not count. Big love to the Cypriots for a gem.

NETHERLANDS (Ik Ben Verliefd (Shalalie), Sieneke)

Then: ‘…old-fashioned load of drivel.’

Now: Umm….yeah. I don’t love this, but I suppose I don’t hate it as much as I did then either. For me it’s middling, slightly catchy in an annoying way. Holland, check out Belgium in the 2009 JESC. That’s how you do effervescent Verliefd-titled Euro-pop. And she’s 11.

NORWAY (My Heart Is Yours, Didrik Solli-Tangen)

Then: ‘It is just another boring ballad sung by a generically good-looking European, probably in a suit with a trio of violinists swaying behind him…’

Now: I am well and truly ashamed by this. I apologise Norway, dear dear hosts of the 2010 contest. Is it a boring ballad? No. Is Didrik a generically good-looking European? Maybe, but he’s doing it for me! Hot hot hot, and only 22! I can’t believe it, thought he was at least 27. Does he wear a suit? Of course, what did I expect – a mankini? Is there a trio of violinists backing him? No, I think there’s four. Whatever, I am now a sucker for Didrik and his THRILLING AND NOT AT ALL BORING ballad. The guy has an amazing voice, and I reckon he’ll do his country proud and as usual get the biggest cheer of the night for representing the host country. Did I mention he’s hot?

Well I am falling asleep at my laptop, so I’m going to have to bid you all farewell and rest up – for tomorrow is a big day. THE day!


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