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  1. The Swedes ran a very efficient draw, didn’t they? Everything was done in fewer than 30 minutes!

    As for the logo, I absolutely LOVE it. I love the look, the texture, everything. I even really like the slogan, as authoritarian as it might sound. I remember that conversation about the crappy ’08 logo.

    Honestly, I’m going to keep myself in the dark about MGP. I remember you saying something about that and, honestly, I think it’s a good idea!


    • Yes, very pro! A few little mistakes to show they’re human, but otherwise perfect (kind of like my favourite hosts, Mikko and Jaana).

      I’m glad this logo is getting love from somewhere. I honestly haven’t read that many verdicts, but I think people can be harsh sometimes – like, ‘you give it a try, it’d be harder than you think!’. I can’t wait to see what they do with it in terms of vignettes and stuff.

      Can I just say (even though you’re keeping yourself in the dark, because I have yet to brag about this) that I correctly predicted the three NMGP qualifiers on the weekend?? That NEVER happens to me!! I’m gonna try and do a double.


      • I wonder if one of them will end up hosting the whole thing (in a duet with the universally acclaimed SDF) come May, like Leyla and that creeper dude from last year?

        I can’t wait to see! I feel like it’ll be something like Moscow since that was sort of an abstract logo like this one. Honestly, I just think that some people are SO enamored with Moscow and all of 2009, they sort of shutdown anything that could be construed as similar.

        Consider me your blind sounding board. 🙂 Congrats! Maybe that’ll happen to me sometime (yeah right). Good luck! Tell me, please, at least this, are the songs good? Were the three qualifiers miles above the rest or somewhat equal?


        • It’s got to be SDF and SDF alone!! We shall find out Monday, so fingers crossed.

          I’m definitely enamoured with the Moscow theme, but I welcome anything that resembles it. Not that a rip-off is a good thing, but…you know what I mean.

          So re: Norway…well, I agree with Wiwi Bloggs and Scandipop who reckoned the three best songs in semi 1 got left behind and the worst three qualified. Two of those were boring and the other was plain horrendous, so if any of them eventually win I will not be waving a Norwegian flag. Harumph. But I can say the second semi is a LOT better, so we should get at least one decent song in the final from it. And there’s always the wildcard place.
          I just don’t get the voters sometimes. It’s like in Sweden, where there’s always a middle-of-the-road rockabilly song that gets to the final. In Norway, there’s always a yawn-worthy soft-rock song and/or something terrible that qualifies. Maybe you have to be Norwegian to get it?? If anyone from Norway reads this, please help me understand!!


      • As we know now, no! No it’s not. It’s MF 2009’s host! I woke up early to watch the press conference and followed it on Twitter. When she came out, I was like “Who?” However, there was a tweet that so efficiently summed up the collective non-Swedish thought… “who the f*ck is she?” 😉

        I couldn’t take it anymore and watched the first semi of MGP. And I was so annoyed at the end! They really did send the worst three songs (worst lot of the whole season) and left behind the only good songs! My top was, in order, Tom, Julie and Carina. Mimi would’ve been better, but the composition wasn’t strong enough. Now to catch up to semi 2.


        • AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhauuuuuuuGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! That is how I am still feeling re: The Lack of SDF. I was so sure it was gonna be here…devastated. Still, we should give Petra a chance to prove herself. Apparently she was quite funny when she hosted Melfest, so she could be Anke 2.0.

          Did you watch semi 2?? Please tell me you love Margaret as much as I do, and would rather she win a million times more than the horrendous Gromth. At least tell me the second part!


      • I’m excited to see how Petra does! I do hope that she is the new Anke. 🙂

        I have not watched the second semi fully, but I’ve seen Margaret, Martin, Annsofi and part of Fjellfolk (it was late at night and a lullaby like this wouldn’t have been a good idea). With that said, I am disappointed that Martin, even with his somewhat lackluster performance, didn’t pass, because that is only the second song all year to earn above 90/100! Hopefully it gets the wildcard. I did like Margaret, though. She was really strong. And ANYTHING in the NF is better than that “song.”


        • So have you moved on from SDF?? The pain has definitely receded at my end, but her face will haunt my dreams for months to come. #melodramaticmuch

          YES!! Martin’s song is amazing. It just didn’t work well live. But in studio, it’s a total douze. The Norwegian wildcard always seems to go to someone random you’ve forgotten about (I still haven’t gotten over it not going to Rikke Normann last year) so I doubt it will be him.

          Yay for Margaret. And anyone else who can take Gromth down.


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