The ESC Doppelgangers: Junior Edition!

I don’t know why, but seeing someone who looks like someone else is always fascinating. Have you ever wondered if somewhere out there, there is a person who looks at a face exactly like yours in the mirror every day (hopefully not recoiling in horror as they do so)?

I have, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s Drew Barrymore.

Anyway (and please stop laughing!) the look-alike posts I’ve done in the past have proven quite popular, but they’ve all focused on big Eurovision – which has nearly sixty years’ worth of familiar faces to identify. Seeing as it’s JESC month, and with JESC there is not half as many faces to scour through, I figured it was time for the doppelgangers of mini Eurovision to be exposed…once and for all, mwahahahaha and all that jazz.

So without further ado, I present to you the kids who were obviously separated at birth from (or are related to, which would explain the massive age gaps) some people you may recognise.


Dani Fernandez (Spain 2006) and American actor Haley Joel Osment


Let’s face it, the only difference between them is that Haley Joel sees dead people, and Dani (as far as I know) doesn’t. It might have come in handy for him to have a sixth sense though, as he could have avoided turning up to JESC in the same outfit as the boys from Belarus and Croatia.


Lina Joy (Lithuania 2007) and German supermodel Heidi Klum


I haven’t seen much of Lina since Rotterdam, so it’s possible she actually IS Heidi Klum. It happens all the time – German models masquerading as Lithuanian child stars (in fact, I’m 99% sure Paulina Skrabytė was Claudia Schiffer).  


Alexandra Golovchenko (Russia 2007) and American actress Abigail Breslin


It’s like Lindsay Lohan’s characters in The Parent Trap – separated at birth, one taken to live in Russia and the other Hollywood, Alexandra and Abigail will eventually be reunited at summer camp after a fencing match, and then scheme to get their mum and dad back together. You’ll see.


Ilona Galytska (Ukraine 2007) and Welsh singer Charlotte Church


Here is a pair of child prodigies who could be mistaken for twins if Charlotte was still a teenager, Ilona put on a convincing Welsh accent and the person making the mistake had left their glasses at home. It could happen.


Katya Ryabova (Russia 2009/2011) and American actress Rachel Bilson


They’re both brunette, they both like to wear white, and they both have an ‘R’ in their names. That’s really all the evidence you need that these two are sisters from another mister.


Jill van Vooren (Belgium 2010) and American socialite Paris Hilton


I’m sure Jill, like any other person, would be horrified to learn that she resembles Pointless Paris. Then again, she doesn’t have to achieve much in her life to prove that’s only skin deep. Just getting a job should do it.


Mariam Kakhelishvili (Georgia 2010) and Lady ‘Hello Kitty’ Gaga


Her nickname is Baby Gaga, so it’s no surprise that Mariam draws constant comparisons with the Queen of Steak Couture. The dress she wore for her Junior performance of Mari Dari was clearly inspired, right down to (or technically, right up to) the headpiece, by the real Gaga’s famous Hello Kitty-studded gown.


Bartas (Lithuania 2010) and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson


I realise I haven’t cobbled together the most persuasive graphic to illustrate my case, but you have to admit Bartas could look less like this fifth of 1D. I mean, I’ve never actually been told I look like Drew Barrymore (sad face) but I’m not that far off. You know? Just squint at this picture and you’ll get it.


Dalita (Armenia 2011) and American actress Kristin Davis


I can see it now: in twenty years Dalita will be starring in a Sex and the City reboot which will mainly involve her striding through the streets of New York, arm-in-arm with Lerika (the Miranda), Maria Isabel (the Carrie) and Victoria Petryk (the Samantha).


How did you rate my list of JESC look-alikes? Who do you think I missed?   


NEXT TIME: The penultimate Junior recap goes live, and then it’s time for the first half of my 2012 reviews. Watch out Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, and Georgia…I’m about to give you a serious once-over.


6 Responses to “The ESC Doppelgangers: Junior Edition!”

    • Jaz

      Well, she is pointless. Like the Kardashians, only we don’t see so much of Paris these days =D

      I would never have picked it, but Anne and Soluna actually do look similar in those pictures! Soluna was adorable.


  1. nprovenghi271

    I freaking love how you found the pictures of Jill and Paris doing the same silly head tilt! I did something like that this weekend with my cousin (I looked terrible, by the way).

    Anyway, it’s somewhat hard to do this for kids. Especially since there are so few photos and that kids don’t always look the same when they become adults. Well, that’s it. Can’t wait for reviews and general Eurovision stuff! And there’s LOTS of stuff happening in December.


    • Jaz

      Yeah, it’s definitely easier doing an adult version. But I have no regrets!

      NF season pretty much starts right after JESC, so there is a lot happening very soon. I’m listening to the Belarussian songs right now, and I’m liking what I’m hearing. Even though a lot of people are saying it’s a weak line-up…maybe I’m too easily pleased!


      • nprovenghi271

        To beat a dead horse, I’m watching the “Funky Lemonade” video right now after seeing “Skyfall,” and in a few shots, the boy could pass for a young Daniel Craig. Then again, it could just be because he has short hair and blue eyes, but it’s something…



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