JESC challenge: #8 – #12

Day 8: Favourite runner-up

Almost there:

Noviy Den by Andrey Kunets (Belarus 2006)

Matrosy by Victoria Petryk (Ukraine 2008)

But my favourite is:

Erazanq by Arevik (Armenia 2007)

Something I both love and hate about JESC is that the voting is often very close. In this instance, I kind of hated it, and I bet Armenia did too when they were defeated by a single point! Erazanq is a prime example of why this country and Eurovision seem to have been made for each other – another being the fact that we are heading to Yerevan in December since Armenia finally managed to top the table. Coincidentally also by a single point…


Day 9: Worst JESC entry ever

How Does It Feel? by Joni Fuller (UK 2005)

Extra Cute by Sophie Debattista (Malta 2006)

Kapou Mperdeftika by Made in Greece (Greece 2007)

Thalassa, Ilios, Aeras, Fotia by Rafaella Kosta (Cyprus 2009)

I admit it: I’m a chicken. I can’t bring myself to brand just one song, a song that was probably the product of hours of mental slaving by a mere child, the most terrible entry of them all. So I present to you above a small selection of songs that I just can’t stand instead. If I was held at flame-thrower-point by Ruslana (let’s face it, she can’t go past a flaming gun) and forced to pick my least favourite…well, it may be the one in Greek. One of the ones in Greek, that is – MWAHAHAHAHA!


Day 10: An entry you used to dislike but now like

Bonbolandiya by Bon-Bon (Bulgaria 2007)

There was obviously something wrong with my ears back in ’07. These days, I’m a card-carrying, flag-waving member of Team Bon-Bon. Well, I would be if there was a Team Bon-Bon. Anyone up for printing T-shirts?


Day 11: An entry you liked at first but are now bored of

Get Up! by Jill and Lauren (Belgium 2010)

I feel bad for saying this, considering how much I raved about its awesomeness a year ago when we were all discussing Minsk. But it’s possible that as a result of that, I listened to it a wee bit too often and have now become immune to its bouncy charms. Some days, I’ll respond positively if it comes up in shuffle, but most of the time it’s on to the next randomly selected song that I will also skip. I think what I need is a good, long vacation away from you, J and L. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.


Day 12: A song in a language you don’t know that you can sing to

Allt Jag Vill Ha by Josefine Ridell (Sweden 2010)

I wish I could speak Swedish. At least I can pretend I do, simply by talking the lyrics to this song and amazing my non-Swedish speaking friends with superior foreign-language prowess. It seems to work well in restaurants: “Waiter, allt jag vill ha is off the á la carte menu.” Hey! Three languages in one sentence!


2 Responses to “JESC challenge: #8 – #12”

  1. Dara

    Aw suddenly your taste has taken a turn for the worst. 😛 Because..
    How Does It Feel? by Joni Fuller (UK 2005)
    Extra Cute by Sophie Debattista (Malta 2006)
    Kapou Mperdeftika by Made in Greece (Greece 2007)
    Thalassa, Ilios, Aeras, Fotia by Rafaella Kosta (Cyprus 2009)

    while I think the 2 Greek ones are awful…… Malta 2006 is my sentimental #1 ever xD And Joni is nice! 😛



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