Eurovision Challenge: Day 19

Funniest moment

Almost there:

Azucar Moreno’s false start in the 1990 contest (mortifying for them, but funny for the rest of us…in a super awkward way)

Eric Saade being unable to take his mind off his full bladder in the 2011 final


But my funniest is:

THIS!!! Any rational explanations are welcomed.

One more day to go!


About Jaz

Hi there – I’m Jaz, a 27-year-old Aussie with a serious Eurovision obsession. The ESC is the biggest and best party on the planet, and I like to keep it going way beyond May. That’s why I write about anything and everything contest-related (the songs, the costumes, the choreography and my undying love for Ott Lepland, for example) on my blog. Visit and subscribe for rankings, reviews and more fun stuff. You’ll get an automatic douze points from me!

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  1. The only possible explanation is that the was a robot xD I had never seen this one before. it’s funny xD


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