Eurovision Challenge: Day 7

Favourite song from a national final (that should have gone to Eurovision)

Almost there:

Cara Mia by Måns Zelmerlow (Sweden 2007)

Zavet by Beauty Queens (Serbia 2008)

La Histeria by Marquess (Germany 2008)

Razborka by The Nicole (Sweden 2008)

Breathing by Bryan Rice (Denmark 2010)

You’re Out of My Life by Darin (Sweden 2010)

Or by Chen Aharoni (Israel 2011)


But my favourite is:

 Nada Es Comparable A Ti by Mirela (Spain 2009)

So her live vocal is a bit off. So what? The song itself is amazing, and wouldn’t have had to work hard to improve on Soraya’s result (her vocals, may I say, were not exactly worth writing home about). The studio version is one of the most listened to/spine-tingling moment tracks on my iPod. Mucho amor!

Listen to the studio version:

About Jaz

Hi there – I’m Jaz, a 27-year-old Aussie with a serious Eurovision obsession. The ESC is the biggest and best party on the planet, and I like to keep it going way beyond May. That’s why I write about anything and everything contest-related (the songs, the costumes, the choreography and my undying love for Ott Lepland, for example) on my blog. Visit and subscribe for rankings, reviews and more fun stuff. You’ll get an automatic douze points from me!

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  1. I agree with your list! except for La Histeria, that song annoys me so much 😛 and I totally agree with you winner. I loved Soraya, but Mirela’s song was a lot better.


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