Time-Warp Tuesday: Stellar San Marino

Contest: 53rd – Belgrade,Serbia

Song: Complice

Artist: Miodio

Representing: San Marino

Result: Last in semi final


And the gong for “Least Deserved Placing in a Eurovision Song Contest, Like, Anywhere, EVER!” goes to…San Marino, and their debut entry back in Belgrade. Well, maybe it would if this was an awards ceremony, one where I had all the power choosing who got what statuette. But I defy anybody out there to argue that Miodio and their haunting rock-ballad/dinky piano riff/slightly-too-old-to-be-a-believable love-interest-for-the-lead-singer-who-looks-about-twelve combo deserved as little as 5 points AND the utter humiliation of losing to both Belgium and Estonia (the generally regarded doozies of 2008). I have one word to describe San Marino in Eurovision – UNDERRATED. If you’re a Complice fan, perhaps you could show that you rate it by pressing play on this three minutes once or twice!

About Jaz

Hi there – I’m Jaz, a 27-year-old Aussie with a serious Eurovision obsession. The ESC is the biggest and best party on the planet, and I like to keep it going all year long. That’s why I write about anything and everything contest-related (the songs, the costumes, the choreography and my undying love for Ott Lepland, for example) on my blog. Visit and subscribe for rankings, reviews and more fun stuff. You’ll get an automatic douze points from me! www.eurovisionbyjaz.com

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  1. This is funny, I was planning to write about this song today in my blog xD Well, I never liked this song (sorry xD) I aways thought it was depressing and dark, but I agree with you that they didn’t deserve to end lower than Estonia…And this song is actually better that this year’s Sammarinese entry which was a complete bore 😛


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