Time-Warp Tuesday: Dial L for love


Contest: 42nd – Dublin, Ireland

Song: Stemmen I Mit Liv

Artist: Kølig Kaj

Representing: Denmark

Result: 16th

Rap is not often positively received at Eurovision, and when it contains such lyrical poetry as “I saw you had flavour and I wanted a taste of this sweet thing” (courtesy of the UK back in 1995) you can see why. Denmark’s 1997 entry was even less praised by Europe than Love City Groove, but there’s something so terribly early-90s about it (the costumes? The choreography? Or is it the words, which tell of one man’s adoration for a sultry phone operator – not one man’s love for a woman he met on Chat Roulette whilst surfing on his iPhone?) that stands out. Decide for yourself, or reaffirm your opinion of Mr. Kaj. Can you have ESC rap without the crap, or was this about as entertaining as receiving a crank call (and not necessarily one from a sultry phone operator)?


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