Time-Warp Tuesday: A Troll lot of fun for Russia


Contest: 46th, Copenhagen 2001

Song: Lady Alpine Blue

Artist: Mumiy Troll

Representing: Russia

Result: 12th (37 points)

Today we travel back ten years to Denmark’s last hosting (including all of those dreadful rhymes) and to one of the creepiest front men I have ever encountered. I don’t think I need to explain why this is, but in any case his face/voice doesn’t stop me from watching/listening to this song over and over again because it’s so quirky-awesome! It’s a rarity to see something a little left-of-mainstream-pop-rock-or-ballad, which I’m not complaining about – but only their 2009 and 2010 entries seemed to break that general mould. But Russia seems to do anything well (they aren’t half bad at putting on a Eurovision show either) and here’s another example…according to me. La la la lai, la la la lai…

2 Responses to “Time-Warp Tuesday: A Troll lot of fun for Russia”

  1. Líam

    An absolute tune. Amongst a collection which was, to be fair, pretty awful, this really stands out. Something of interest here, much like Brainstorm with slightly less time spent in the English Language classes.


    • Jaz

      MT were definitely Russia’s Brainstorm! It’s a shame they didn’t manage to do better in a relatively weak year.



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