The top 20 most-played ESC songs on my iPod


In random order:

This Is My Life by Anna Bergendahl (Sweden 2010)

Lejla by Hari Mata Hari (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2006)

Lako Je Sve by Feminnem (Croatia 2010)

Tornero by Mihai Traistariu (Romania 2006)

Džuli by Daniel (Yugoslavia 1983)

Horehronie by Kristina (Slovakia 2010)

Die For You by Antique (Greece 2001)

Wild Dances by Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)

We Could Be The Same by MaNga (Turkey 2010)

Allez Ola Ole by Jessy Matador (France 2010)

Angel Si Ti by Miro (Bulgaria 2010)

Glow by Madcon (Interval 2010 – I think it counts!)

Rijeka Bez Imena by Maria (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2007)

Anytime You Need by Hayko (Armenia 2007)

Run Away by Sunstroke Project (Moldova 2010)

Follow My Heart by Ich Troje (Poland 2006)

Rändajad by Urban Symphony (Estonia 2009)

Cipela by Marko Kon & Milaan (Serbia 2009)

Se Pa Mig by Jan Johansen (Sweden 1995)

Nur Ein Lied by Thomas Forstner (Austria 1989)


What are your most played Eurovision songs? Let me know!

2 Responses to “The top 20 most-played ESC songs on my iPod”

  1. venushalley1984

    nice list…. this is mine from the most currently played down…. I restarted my play count few weeks ago though, so it’s not all the reliable.


    Ding Dong – Dana International (Israel 2011)

    What For? (Only Mr God Knows Why) – Aisha (Latvia 2010)

    Neka Mi Ne Svane – Danijela (Croatia 1998)

    Rockefeller Street – Getter Jani (Estonia 2011)

    New Tomorrow – Friend in London (Denmark 2011)

    Life looks better in the Spring – Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders (Cyprus 2010)

    Sanomi – Urban Trad (Belgium 2003)

    De Troubadur – Lenny Kurh (Netherlands 1969)

    Mere Lapsed – Koit Toome (Estonia 1998)

    Hano – Nino Prses (Bosnia 2001)

    Hora din Moldova – Nelly ciobanu (Moldova 2009)

    da da dam – paradise Oskar (Finland 2011)

    Ostani Kraj mene – alma and dejan (Bosnia 1994)

    Feel the Passion – aurela Gace (albania 2011)

    shiru – Sarah’le Sharon & The Shiru Group (Israel 1993)

    haba haba – stella mwangi (norway 2011)

    I would die for you – antique (greece 2001)

    Love in rewind – dino merlin (bosnia 2011)

    Lako Je Sve by Feminnem (Croatia 2010)

    Hallelujah – Gali Atari And Milk & Honey (Israel 1979)


    • Jaz

      Thanks for sharing! Your list reminds me of mine abit, with mainly 2000s songs in there and a bunch of earlier ones thrown in! I’ve not had the older songs on my iPod for as long though, so that was how it was always going to be.
      Particular thumbs up for Sanomi and Hano, two of my favourites. Of a LOT of favourites.



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