The gang’s all here!

Recently I’ve had zero extra time on my hands to blog, which has been very painful considering all the Oslo stuff that is happening at the moment. Whilst I’m on a mid-semsester break now, I still have a looooooooot of catching-up on work to do, so I’ve decided that continuing my post below would not be wise – going into detail about all 39 songs, that is. Instead I’ve complied a list of my top 39, in order from my FAVOURITE to what I have deemed to be absolute drivel. Thay’re just my opinions, so I’d love to hear from you with yours.

Please note that this list will chop and change with my tastes between now and the contest (and a long time afterwards as well), and that, because I like pretty much all songs from 1-33, ordering my top 10 was veeery hard….so if your country isn’t there, don’t be offended, coz chances are I’m still a fan! I’d also like to apologise for any spelling/accent errors I make as I am typing this in a major hurry! I’ll be sure to fix it up ASAP.

Anyway, here goes:

1. CROATIA/ Feminnem/ ‘Lako Je Sve’

2. SERBIA/ Milan Stankovic/ ‘Ovo Je Balkan’

3. TURKEY/ maNga/ ‘We Could Be The Same’

4. GERMANY/ Lena Meyer-Andut/ ‘Satellite’

5. CYPRUS/ Jon Lilygreen & the Islanders/ ‘Life Looks Better In Spring’

6. AZERBAIJAN/ Safura/ ‘Drip Drop’

7. ISRAEL/ Harel Skaat/ ‘Milim’

8. FRANCE/ Jessy Matador/ ‘Allez Ola Ole’

9. SWITZERLAND/ Michael von der Heide/ ‘Il Pleut d’lor’

10. DENMARK/ Chanee & N’evergreen/ ‘In A Moment Like This’

11. BELGIUM/ Tom Dice/ ‘Me and My Guitar’

12. SWEDEN/ Anna Bergendahl/ ‘This Is My Life’

13. SLOVAKIA/ Kristina/ ‘Horehronie’

14. ALBANIA/ Juliana Pasha/ ‘All About You’

15. GEORGIA/ Sofia/ ‘Shine’

16. MOLDOVA/ Sunstroke Porject feat. Olia Tira/ ‘Run Away’

17. BULGARIA/ Miro/ ‘Angel Si Ti’

18. ROMANIA/ Paula Seling & Ovi/ ‘Playing With Fire’

19. BELARUS/ 3 + 2/ ‘Butterflies’

20. FYR MACEDONIA/ Gjoko Taneski/ ‘Jas Ja Imam Silata’

21. PORTUGAL/ Filipa Azavedo/ ‘Ha Dias Assim’

22. GREECE/ Giorgos Alkaios & Friends/ ‘OPA’

23. ARMENIA/ Eva Rivas/ ‘Apricot Stone’

24.  FINLAND/ Kuunkuiskaajat/ ‘Tyolki Ellaa’

25. LITHUANIA/ Inculto/ ‘East European Funk’

26. NORWAY/ Didrik Solli-Tangen/ ‘My Heart Is Yours’

27. POLAND/ Martin Mrozinski/ ‘Legenda’

28. ICELAND/ Hera Bjork/ ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’

29. LATVIA/ Aisha/ ‘What For? (Only Mr God Knows)’

30. BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA/ Vukajsin Brajic/ ‘Munja i Grom’

31. ESTONIA/ Malcolm Lincoln & Manpower 4/ ‘Siren’

32. IRELAND/ Niamh Kavanagh/ ‘It’s For You’

33. THE NETHERLANDS/ Sienieke/ ‘Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie)’

34. SPAIN/ Daniel Diges/ ‘Algo Pequenito’

35. MALTA/ Thea Garrett/ ‘My Dream’

36. UNITED KINGDOM/ Josh Dubovie/ ‘That Sounds Good To Me’

37. UKRAINE/ Alyosha

38. SLOVENIA/ Ansambel Roka Zlimbre & Kalamari/ ‘Narodnozabavi Rock’

39. RUSSIA/ Peter Nalitch Band/ ‘Lost and Forgotten’

There you have it….my tentative order. In my next post which will hopefully occur over the Easter period, I want make some predictions ; who will make it throught semi final 1? Semi final 2? And who has a real chance of winning? These answers, and more, will be hidden until the contest but rambled on about by yours truly very shortly.

Until then, auf wiedersehn (apologies for that) x

4 Responses to “The gang’s all here!”

    • Jaz

      Do mean it was April Fools’?? I can’t recall if I forgot or if I just couldn’t be bothered to think of a joke… seems to make up for that!! I completely fell for the one they did this year.


  1. JB

    I thought that at first! Especially as I think 09 was a brilliant year…..but now most of the somgs have grown on me and I think there’s some crackers! Having said that I agree that there is some crap in there! (in my opinion, Slovenia, UK etc). Let’s hope the UK’s remixed song is 100% better than the original!


  2. bagrat

    This year’s songs are not that much good i think only Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine for the ears.



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