What I want, Eurovision, you’ve got it!

I can’t rememer a time before I was obsessed with the Eurovision Song Contest, but I also can’t recall when I made the transition from oblivious Aussie to Euro-freak. I haven’t actually been a fan for that long, only three or so years. But I didn’t know about it until then, living in Australia where, if you are a fan, you have to disguise it because if anyone finds out they will laugh at you (or is that just my experience?). In any case, I wish I lived in Europe so I could be a bigger part of it. Or at least be able to vote. This year I took advantage of having lots of European YouTube friends and asked them very nicely to vote on my behalf. They were more than happy!

My first memory of Eurovision would be 2006, when I saw a little bit of the broadcast and Lordi. Naturally, I thought it was a bit weird. But them, all of a sudden, in 2007 I watched the whole contest, and from then on I was gone. I’m not sure what makes Eurovision so exciting, what makes me countdown to the next contest only weeks after the last, and what led me to write this blog…I guess it’s a way of experiencing the culture and creativity of other countries from the comfort of your own home. Music is one of the great joys of life and to expand the variety of genres on my iPod makes me happy (damn the 2006 album which happens to be copy controlled. Grrr!).

Eurovision is a rich and wonderful celebration of global song, which has drawn millions from all over the world for fifty four years. And why? Just because it is awesome. Actually I’m not 100% sure. But it has definitely got SOMEthing that I like very muchly. My dream is to go to a contest one day, when I’ve finished paying off my mounting university debts and such. I want to paint flags on my face, dance like a weirdo and wear a ten foot long union jack as a cape. I want to be a part of Eurovision, for as long as I live. How dramatic, I hear you say. But it’s true. I love the songs, the people, the places, the highs and lows, the partisan voting, the hosts, the postcards…all I can really say in conclusion is:

11 months ’til Oslo 2010!

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