Eurovision 2019 Reviews

Hej there, fellow Eurofan! If you missed any of my Eurovision 2019 reviews or just want to relive them, you came to the right place. Here they are, all the way from Albania to the UK.

  • Round 1 feat. Albania, Cyprus, Latvia, Montenegro + Serbia
  • Round 2 feat. Australia, Georgia, Hungary, Romania + Switzerland
  • Round 3 feat. Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania + North Macedonia
  • Round 4 feat. Armenia, Belarus, the Netherlands, Norway + Russia
  • Round 5 feat. Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Poland + San Marino
  • Round 6 feat. Austria, Denmark, Malta, Moldova + Portugal
  • Round 7 feat. Azerbaijan, Finland, Ireland, Slovenia + Sweden
  • Round 8 feat. France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain + the United Kingdom

Which songs will you be voting for this year? Who deserves to win the contest and whisk us away to their capital city (or not) in 2020? Leave a comment below to let me know.


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